The Evolution of Unicycling - UW36 Footage

Hello everyone, until very recently, I thought the UW36 was neat, but not that great. The other day changed my mind completely.

This is awesome!

I’m going to be spending little time on the MUni now, this is really fantastic to play on.

The mounts shown are done kinda quick, i didn’t think about slowing down the movie to show it, so look carefully.

I was going to keep the clip secret till I got good, but I’m too excited.

This is quite heavy, an alluminum Airfoil rim would be awesome. Hardest part in hopping is that the elbow is between the knees.

At the end you see me slinging it over my shoulders, it was an unintentional move, but it really shows how much easier it is to transport.

40mb worthwhile download

Re: The Evolution of Unicycling - UW36 Footage

I got up this morning and saw your thread and just had to view the movie, so I started downloading it and had breakfast while it downloaded. Watching you ride that beast was a great way to start the morning, I especially liked the “running sucide mount” and the hops. Looks like you’re already more than “good” on it!

You’re right, that was AWESOME!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Some nice new moves there and they look good on the big wheel.

The UW looks great too… did you make it? What “crank” size
do you have there? How much does it weigh?

The wheel does not offer that much clearance at times. :slight_smile:

Crazy wicked!

Nice work, Sofa!!

40 megs!?

Absolutely amazing Sofa, that’s something for me to refer to when I’m doubting whether or not something is do-able on a 36" UW. It was well worth the download and would still have been if we still had 56k here at home. I was particularly amazed at the rolling mount. As I mentioned in another thread I’m really keen to try them…now I know it’s possible. Well actually I was talking about a rolling suicide mount, but I’m sure you’ll have that down soon enough too.

Thanks for sharing. It’s great when a new form of unicycling is ‘discovered’ like this. I realise this sort of thing may have been done before, but I have never seen it being done.



Thanks guys

The cranks are set at 165mm, and it’s ideal

I have yet to find any sort of compression that does not mess up the quality too much, so I would much rather put up a 40MB version than a grainy 20MB one. Stay away from Cameras that do .mov’s

Andrew, I’ve already got the rolling suicide done now, since that clip was taken.

It is incredibly heavy.

I have landed crack and balls to rubber a few times, but it doesn’t hurt all that much, the wheel kinda gets out of the way soon enough

Wow, congratulations. Any tips for rolling mounts and rolling suicde mounts? Have oyu tried any backwards riding on it? It’s a lot of fun. I can now freemount it most of the time, and I’m finally beginning to ride with the wheel a little more upright than before. I love it, it’s so much fun. Thanks for inspiring me to try.


I have got a tiny distanc backwards, maybe 2-3 strokes

I haven’t figured out idling yet

Tips on a rolling suicide mount…roll UW…run and leap. wish i could be of further assistance :frowning:

I’m also working on a few other cool tricks right now, this is so much more fun than a 24" (although to be honest, I have spent much more time on this one)

Re: The Evolution of Unicycling - UW36 Footage


The hopping looks surprisingly easy with such a tall wheel. Has anyone ever tried hopping a UW before?

Yeah, they are not the best, but you could download “Bink and Smacker” from then you can convert the file from .mov to .avi, and compress them.


after leaving my pc on all night to download 40 megs, i would have to say its the "De-evolution of Unicycling.

that was very entertaining

and very nicely done–thanks. your theme song also adds a lot to this clip–who and what is the song?

thanks again.

First, I do like the movie, the way it’s done is pretty cool to me. Like the music, like the moves, and you make riding that thing look pretty easy (and fun!). If I was going to get a UW, I would have to go with one like this. It is pretty pimp. The file was a bit big, but eh. Did you make that UW? It is cooooool. I’ve never really been drawn to them. But this one… this one is different. I’m attracted to it. Awesome job overall. Awesome wheel. I need one.

I haven’t had a chance to download the video yet, so I may be wrong in saying this. But if the “evolution of unicycling” means doing away with the seat, I’m not sure I’m going to want to evolve that much… :slight_smile:

Rawk Rawk… <flaps wings and flys off>

i’ve been offline for a while

the song is bloodhound gang - asleep at the wheel

hmmm, still ride a bike with a kickstand, do you?

Seat schmeat

well its okay if you have broadband. BUT I DONT

I do

Leo cut them up for ‘you guys’