The Callout- trials/street/flat

Nope, it isn’t a street trick callout.

It’s a general call out for anyone to produce a properly impressive street, trials or flatland video.

There was a time when so many of the online vids here were so damn enjoyable to watch. Now we just have 90% vids being of the recent street/flatland hybrid style done with average editing. No disrespect to those that made the effort to produce those vids, at least you made the effort to film and make them. :wink:

Now, what I’m after it this:

Something along the lines of a Tom Pec ‘Spirit’ vid, obviously not as sick as his riding, but that style of decent editing and MUSIC THAT MATCHES THE EDITING. Seriously, good editing can make an average rider look AMAZING, trust me, editing makes that big a difference, as does the music. I want to see a whole variety of stuff: big hops, big pedalgrabs, big static gaps, balance, long trials lines, technical stuff, and good use of the objects around you.

A lot of you are very talented individuals who can do X number of flip variations and so on. This gives great potential for an awesome street vid. Look at how BMX, MTB, Scooters, skateboards, roller blades all do their street: they use objects on the street! Yeah, we’re talking huge grinds, huge footplant flips, attempts at wallrides, just generally using the street environment! For inspiration check out the Kevin McMullin BUC vid he made or watch any street BMX/skate vid and see how they use the street environment. No, you don’t see them just doing tricks in a parking lot or off 4 sets. They use benches, fakies, 180s, and make proper combo lines. That is seriously impressive. Impress us all!

As I’ve said many times before, Spencer Hochberg’s pretty much got the flatland style and theory properly bang on the head. Flatland, like all unicycle disciplines, is derived from the bike equivalent. I want to see: COMBINATIONS, No flip tricks, as few hops as possible, rolling balance tricks taken to the next level.
If you’re still unsure, watch: Spencer’s vids, Xavier C’s ‘NO FLIP IN FLAT’ vid, BMX flatland vids.
Hickflips on a gym floor, and then doing a million correction hops after it sketchily is not proper flatland. It doesn’t look good at all. Let’s see some rolling balance trick combos!

I’m saying all this in the hopes that the general level of vids goes up, in both riding and editing quality. I want to enjoy watching uni vids, as I’m sure all of you guys do too!

reminder: edit it well, (yes it is possible with Windows Movie Maker! :)), and pick some music that SUITS the riding style and editing style. Just chucking on a commercial song like a Britney Spears one or Coldplay or 50Cent etc… is not impressive and ruins a good vid. Find music that suits the vid. It’ll make all the difference. Believe me.

Happy new year everyone!

This has inspired me to make another vid. My general skills arnt very good, but i’ll give it a shot and see what you all think. I look forward to seeing everybodys videos. Is it ok if i just mix it all up? Because i can do some trials some street and some flatland. My vid wont be out for a while because schools starting again tomorrow :(. Cya

whats the point in having school for 2 days the the week end its crazy lol
i go back on the 8TH :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i know, i must have the only school in england who goes back tomorrow, it sucks harshly. But i have to go apparantly so… (sorry for the thread jack)

I completly agree with you. It is rare to see a somewhat professional looking video posted.

Just a thought… If you are trying to film a trick or line that is hard, and when you finally get it and review the footage it looks kinda shaky or has a bad angle, re-do it instead of just using the footage anyways. It’s worth it and will look way more impressive.

I agree. The best vids I have seen is probably Demo 99 or Perfect Lines. Now we’re talking high quality and putting thought into the vid! :sunglasses: I would love to make a vid like that, and I think I can because I know how to use Adobe Premiere, but the thing is: MY COMPUTER SUCKS :smiley: I can’t save a movie in WMM that is longer than 2 minutes… My computer lags when I try to edit something… But I’m buying a new computer in a couple of months and then I will try to make an awesome vid :slight_smile: I’ll have the best combos, lines and camera angles you’ve ever seen, just wait :smiley:

i cant save anythin on wmm on my computer because it is so slow ans crapbt im getin a laptop for my birthday:D , then i can make decent vids:D

but i neet to get beter at uniin or it will end up being yet another video. i want to make a realy decent vids but i cant

How does having a good pc sudenly make your videos amazing, I dont think its the editing thats letting them down, its the riding.

Yeh, I gotta go too.

yeah i could make the amazing videos but my computer wont let me thats all

well, im for sure in. Im gunna call someone out and considering im taking a motion design program at the vancouver film school, ill just make it one of my video peices:D

i dont go back till the 7th, so gimmey a week


sounds fun! but could this please be an ongoing thing because i have NO falt skills, very few street skills and my trials coures is under a foot of snow for about another 2 months. i want to make a legit traisl vid, but i sucked when i last filmed(i wasnt too bad but i am much better now:p ) and i have never had anything good (or short) enough to put on the internet. if this thread dies i may revive it when i do make a vid, but i would like to make a vid of this caliber.

this really makes me want to make a video, but it started to snow here today :angry: so i dont think it will come any new great videos from norway before the spring comes

So let me get this right, you ride with your computer strapped to your back and as it is not verry good and it is pretty big the great weight is holding you back but if you were to get a better, lighter computer you would be amazing.

If you’re reffering to me then that’s not exactly how I meant :smiley: I’m just saying I can’t even make a vid because my pc is so laggy :slight_smile: But if I had a good computer I could save my work and work with photoshop and adobe premiere at the same time, and small things like text with transparent background or more options with the music could really make a vid a lot better, and WMM doesn’t have those kind of options. Of course the riding and the filming is a major aspect when you’re making a vid too.

No, he means that he doesn’t have a good enough computer to use editing software on, because it lags and freezes/crashes.

ok… you’re joking :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea im only joking. I only have wwm at the moment, fortionatly I should be getting adobe premier soon. I have got to the point that I hate wwm it is so anoying and it has such lame pointless effects but doesnt have many that are actuly needed I think I only use two or three effects all of which dont realy work that well.

When you guys talk about adobe premiere are you talking about getting Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 or

thanks for anwsering cuz if its the pro one i wish i could afford something that good, but i may get something like that after i get my new comp.

SRRY FOR FURTHER THREAD JACK but it is kind of on topic

I’m using Adobe premiere pro 2.0 and Photoshop CS. They are really great programs and you can make almost anything with them. Unfortunately I can’t save my cool videos 'cause my computer can’t handle them :smiley:

but you are using the professional versions rather than the “elements” type programs. does anyone have any experience with these programs?