The video challenge - Can you handle it?

Right, I’ve been doing some thinking and I think this could be fun.

This is a competition to make the most entertaining unicycling video. It can be any genre of unicycling that you like, Trials, Muni, coker, street, freestyle, flatland, whatever. As long as its unicycling.Thats all you have to do.
The judging will be done by the community in the form of a poll. The dead line is the end of March. That should give you plenty of time to get out there and ride.
Once you have finished your video you must upload it and post the link in this thread. On the day of the deadline I will go through and collect all the links together in one poll to let the community decide the winner.

So, go out there and make your vids.

Oh yeah, the catch. You can only use one song for your video. That song has to be sponges thread, if you like.

Why Jolene? I chose the song Jolene because I know there are loads of artists from different genres that have covered it. Every other song I could think of, the covers sounded fairly similar to the original. Also, its my girlfriends name and I know it will drive her crazy to watch tons of videos with Jolene to them, Heh heh!

If you think its a stupid idea, great. But please don’t clutter this thread telling me. If it really is a dumb idea this thread will fall of the page soon enough.

I think thats it, so have fun, and get out there and ride!

Rock on!

P,s. Im not changing the song, it took me long enough to choose it as it is, so don’t even ask! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, if it has to be entertaining, does that mean there can be other things in it? Other than just the unicycling?

Sounds like a cool idea though. Can the video have more than 1 rider and will there be one of those über trophies for the winner :stuck_out_tongue: ?

^^ But that doesn’t exclude including other things to make it entertaining.

It must be unicycling, although there can be the odd clip of unicycling related stuff aswell, Juggling, roadtrip antics, ect.
Your video can have as many or as little riders as you like. It would be nice to see lots of people working together on a video.



I am definitely in.

Im down, tho I think instead of posting the videos here, they should be PMd to you… and when its all ready they can all get posted in the poll thread at the same time.

This way no one has the advantage to see other projects before they finish their own.

Also I just wanted to say Ive been thinking about doing something like this for a while… hopefully it works well and we can do it with other songs too.

eeeeehhh… I’m looking forward to a comp like this. One where you can choose your own song…

But hey I might enter this one too, I just got a camera so I’ve pretty much been filming non-stop haha.

Im in, as long as the weather holds up long enough for me to get enough footage I will put a vid up. I have a good Idea for the music, I have a friend who is an amazing singer so I think I will call on a favour :slight_smile:

Yea thats not a bad idea although that would mean edd would have to upload them all.

Eh, I’m not sure about this whole idea of everyone using the same song.

Maybe I’ll do it, we’ll see.

I think he means PM edd the link, But then we’d have to all make diffrent youtube(if you use youtube as your choosen video sharing provider) accounts, and change the name and tags of the videos so no one else can find them, or else it would make the whole thing pointless.

Or we could all upload to If you don’t have an account its not to lat to now. Whats cool about vimeo is we can have a channel just for this contest. That channel can have one or more moderators, we could put all the videos on one page… you can do this with youtube but you need to open a new account just for the contest. Vimeo anyone with an account can make the channel and choose moderators.

I suppose the whole not seeing them until everyone is done would be kinda hard.

Whats everyone think about the vimeo idea?

I already stated a back it up channel, for the next round.

That is exactly what I hoped some people would do!

Hmmm, Im liking the idea that all the videos are released at the same time, after the closing date. It does seem like that would be hard to do though.

Im up for trying out Vimeo, ill go over there and have a look.

#EDIT# Just made an account on Vimeo. Im not really sure how it works yet, so someone will have to explain it for me!


i think i’ll make a vid, just have to think about it

– bobousse

Yea I dont know if she can do it yet because I think she is pretty busy at university. I realy hope she can though because she has the most amazing voice.

If it drys out by lunch I think I should be able to get a bit of footage today :smiley:

Nice one, looking forward to it mate ! :slight_smile:

Right, I think Iv got this worked out. When You have made your video, you will need to upload it to To do this you will need to create an account, but its dead easy and free. When you upload your video you will need to adjust the privacy settings to private and password protect it.
There is a tutorial on how to do that here
When we post the links to the videos we can post the password too.

Alternativly, just keep it totally private until the closing date.

Job done!


Ok it was pretty dry here to day so I left at the start of lunch, skipped lessons and went riding, I got quite alot of good lines filmed but theres many more to come :slight_smile: I got a realy nice bail as well, involving a bench, Its definatly my best.

What is the exact deadline? does it just have to be finished by the end of march?

Awesome! You skipped lessons just to shoot some video for the competition! :sunglasses: Im such a bad influence :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, End of March, so the last entries will be taken on 31st March 2008


ill post the title sequence im making for school, trust me its a unicycling title sequence

Haha yea but I had an awesome time riding though, It was definatly worth it, my schools pretty laid back and they were lame classes anyway.

At this rate I should easily have mine done by then, with the footage I got today I have pretty much filled the song, I think I will have to start rationalising my clips pretty bad.

I very much look forward, shame we will have to wait so long.