Suspension uni with disc brakes and handlebars!

My mate Adam sent me these pictures from Japan. This uni has three internal springs as the spokes to the wheel same design as suggested by Pete66 and discussed on this forum a few months ago. However they’ve gone even more futuristic by adding disc brakes, handlebars and a rear ‘stabilising’ wheel! Is this the future of unicycling?

And with a babe:

That’s incredible! Do you know if anyone has actually ridden one yet!

That looks dumb. Cool, I 'spose, but dumb.

Adam also sent this this. I don’t really know what it is. I’ma guessing some kind of excercycle. Any other suggestions?

Unfortunately I don’t have any other information about these unicycles - so its possible they haven’t been ridden at all. The babe looks like she’s about to hop on…

Looks like when you pedal it , it turns a fan on the underside and makes the machine hover…

I was going to suggest a floor polisher/waxer.

hahaha!! thats kewl and dumb at the same time! Why does it have handlebars tho, and a training wheel? well it shows you can make a unicycle with suspension with a little tweaking.

but it’s a bike! nothing but a really funny looking bike!
because i don’t see how you could get onto the one wheel without using that “stablizing wheel”

but that exercise thing is funny.

The crappy seat and pedals were a nice touch, a real testament to non-unicyclist designers. Not to mention dual steerer tubes on unnecessary handlebars.

that’s pretty cool I s’pose, but it’s barely a unicycle anymore… technically it’s not, with the training wheel. but even without that it couldn’t really be called a standard unicycle…

I’ve seen that before… somewhere. the internet I b’lieve. it is an exercise bike, but a unicycle version.

The dual tubes look like they are for easy adjusting the hight of the bars, they have quick releases. Though very un-needed.

I want that tire and paint job though…

The stationary unicycle thing has been mentioned before.
See: Ever consider getting one of these?
and I bought one of these!

It’s a funny looking exercise machine.

looks like a modified penny farthing

Not to poop on everyone’s party, but the first vehicle pictured is clearly a bicycle. A really messed up one, but a bicycle nevertheless. Bicycles can be ridden on one wheel, but that looks like it’s intended to have the little wheel on the ground.

Which makes me wonder what the suspension is for.

If the babe jumps on, she will find out just how low that seat is. Way too low for her!

But I’d be fascinated to see how that wheel performs, if it works at all. It might be just something designed to be demonstrated, or ridden in simple surroundings rather than offroad. Remember, the Japanese unicycling scene is mainly in the schoolyard, gym, track, and neighborhood.

The second (non) vehicle pictured is a zip-cycle. Whatever the latin for “zero” is. No wheels! It’s an exercise “bike” for small apartments. The handlebar really belongs on that one. Imagine the sore crotch you’re going to get on that thing after a few minutes! :slight_smile:

Re: Suspension uni with disc brakes and handlebars!

I hope not.

Re: Suspension uni with disc brakes and handlebars!

That stabiliser wheel negates any coolness.

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Would be interesting to see how the wheel worked out, shame about the other stuff. Also, surely those handlebars would cause crotch injury everytime you dismounted forward?