supporting wheels to help balance?

does anyone know what they are actually called so I can go to a store and ask for them? they helped me learn to ride the bike, so I thought I might use them to learn to ride the unicycle.

Training wheels?

Something like this.

Geezer uni 4 6.jpg

don’t use them just practice you will get it

Yeah, don’t use them. They would restrict your movement too much and you wouldn’t get the real feel of it. Just get somebody to walk along either side of you to hold onto until you get your balance or hang on to the fence at a tennis court or ride next to a handrail. Besides, the only set-up kinda like what you’re wanting that I’ve ever seen looks just like a tricycle without a handlbar. Might as well just start riding a tricycle and do a front end wheelie.

Check out the Unicoaster.

Ride along a long wall

This teaches the “always pedaling” idea, and helps get used to the feel. I think beginners try to coast a bit, like a bicycle.

how the hell would you turn with that stuck to your uni?
just learn without training wheels, or get a b*ke.

I think they make unicycles with training wheels.

They’re called BlKES!

how the hell would you turn with that stuck to your uni?

Watch the video and find out. It may not be for everybody, but I’m sure it has helped a few folks.

Watch the video and find out. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but I’ll bet it has helped some get the feel of a uni.

There more for speed, but the handeling is rubbish

I just set up one of those box moving trolly things on my drivway and kept trying till I got it…didnt take me to long to get the feel of it

Hey, I’m glad to see Adam finally got something into production; he was talking about that thing when I visited Long Island back in 2005.

I bet that thing will help little kids, and especially the parents of little kids, get over the anxiety about falling. I don’t know if it will really help them learn any faster.

I think it would be tough to engineer it to be able to survive full-sized adults learning on it.

This may help also. :smiley: :smiley:

Looks like it might need a stronger way to attach. The site doesn’t mention anything about the unicycle/training device interface. Obviously main cap bearing holders are required. But the uni frame isn’t designed for that kind of stress to be applied there, so it could be a problem. I imagine they are still perfecting the design. An adult one would just need a beefier interface, something that goes partway up the fork perhaps.

But the idea itself appears to have promise. Having all four wheels off the ground is like riding training wheels, where you can be “centered” and be riding on your own. If it can be raised in increments, this is even better as you can have the rider more and more on his/her own before trying to ride without it.

completely untrue

Want to back that up with any sort of reasoning or evidence?

unlike john foss, i have actually played with this thing. there is no need for more reinforcement. nothing could put enough stress on this interface to cause too much strain

edit…just to clarify: i have no idea what adam has planned with this thing, these are my own observations

A local bank is using training wheels on unicycle to market financial products. The bank branches are adorned with unicycling posters and leaflets all over in Lithuania.