supporting wheels to help balance?

Then I must not have gotten a good look at it. It looks like it bolts on in place of the bearing caps. If so, it’s definitely putting all sorts of force in an area not built to take it, but maybe those frames can take it just fine. If there haven’t been any broken frame yet something must be right!

Anyway it would be fun to try one of those out with some beginner riders to see how it works for them. I guess it would take a while to come up with some real numbers on learning-time improvement, using a control group of equal size, and enough riders to cover a range of slow and fast learners.

I love the training wheel unicycle from Lithuania! What’s the message that goes with it?

it’s much bigger than this.

this device actually takes the person from spectator to ‘unicycler’ in a matter of seconds, thus working around the absolute biggest obstacle

the 4 bolts holding the trainer to the frame would have to completely rip out of the frame for this not to work.

you’re over-analyzing something you’ve never seen in real life.

edit…and i have seen/used/abused this in real life…you have NO argument here

It translates:
Risk-free investment: Index-linked bond is a way to invest in stocks without risking the principal.

Unicycling is a pretty new thing here. It was quite a surprise the bank grabbed the idea and used it so massively.

That thing looks like it would bust up every bone in your leg if you fell!
Use a shopping cart infront of yourself, once you get tired of the fence grabbing.

[didnt read the whole thread but…] personally, I think most of the “training setups” for a unicycle would hurt you more than help you. They seem to attach to the rear of the unicycle which means you will learn to lean back to balance. You need to do the opposite to go forward when on one wheel.


Another symptom of the “I want it now not tomorrow” culture in which we live?

Or just an old idea?