The season of greed is upon us and loose money is sloshing everywhere. Find that DONATE button in the upper right hand corner and send some of it Gilby’s way. He goes to a lot of trouble to provide this space for us and never asks for any reward. Support the effort that went into making what it is.

Thanks, Gilby,

(even though you banned me, you jerk.)

Shouldn’t your sig line be:

.rehto on eb nac erehT .nam niam ylno eht si CJ

I used the link last time I bought something from UDC but fail to see how it works, the address appears to be the same with no obvious change to the site at all. How does UDC know that you used the link? Any body know? Gilby?

Thanks. I was too forward thinking that day. Consider it fixed.

why did you get banned??!!
what is this world coming to…?


Why’d you get banned?

As much as I’d like to donate…I can’t. I’m broke almost always.

Kids, mind to continue in J.C. or preferable PM or MSN or anything better than RSU?

Yes, how dare this thread gets bumped!


I don’t mind reposting a thread like this or this (with a great topic-description). But a troll discussing sigs, or wining about a ban doesn’t belong in RSU.

And see, one more post in RSU not related to unicycling
…which bumped this thread.

Wow. Banned and troll status in just a couple of days. I must be doing something right.

Leo, I’m just posting this to drum up support for RSU which, in the past, I have done in RSU as you pointed out in your links. I start a thread like this a couple of times a year. But thanks for the opportunity to respond to you and bump this thread up again. We need folks to keep bumping it for a couple of days and to donate to Thanks again, Gilby.

harper retired at 6000 posts.

did you get banned for a certain post or just general trolling? id better watch out :roll_eyes:
another non unicycle related bump :astonished:

…you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout, I’m telling you why: because harper is a troll tonight! :wink:

This thread is about support for and using the DONATE button. I will put to rest the serious issue of banning to get it out of the way. I created this account a couple of days ago so I could retire my old account at 6000 counts. Gilby thought it was someone masquerading as me. He banned the account as an impostor account. Then I formed the reprah account in its place. Gilby found out that ħǻřрέŗ was, in fact, me and he unbanned the account.

Now, that little anecdote should be worth a push of the DONATE button and a few bucks. Or, buy some shirts or use the link to when you shop there. It all helps to support this site. At least bump the thread and say, “thanks, Gilby.”

“thanks, Gilby.”

“thanks, Gilby.”

Thanks to those who donated. Try to remember that the DONATE button is always there. Buying Gilby’s shirts also helps support this site as does going to UDC through the link here on Bump this guy up a couple more times and then let’s let it go for a few months.

Thanks Gilby!

And thanks to Harper for your thoughtful reminder to support the guy who supports our addiction. :wink:

Why so many Harpers? Don’t we get harped on enough as it is?

Not enough people harp on the donate button.

True. It could be in a more convenient and easy to see location…