Street Skill Levels

I have read some old threads about a skill level system like the “standard skill levels” but for street. It seems like there is nothing like that at the time.

So last night I started to make a rough sketch for such a thing.
I am not a very advanced street rider myself so some of the tricks you might find placed on a too high/low level.

You can find the beginning of the work here

I’ve only made the list up to lvl. 5. After that it was too hard for me (im only lvl. 4 according to this list :wink: ) to place the skills, based on how hard they are.

You can edit the levels how you want. But I would like if you announced your changes in this thread so we get to know what changes has been made to the list. The idea is that we get a “Street SKill Levels” list that is as accurate as possible in judging how hard different tricks are.

I want constructive criticism on my work, not only comments like “that sucks” or “that trick should not be placed on that level you idiot”. Remember constructive criticism.

This is a good start… I can’t wait to start working on my street levels!

Here’s my comments:

  • Make sure all skills named in the levels are described below (I don't see "blind" or "180/180" or "seat drop" described anywhere) and describe if they're done static or while riding.
  • Stairs come in many shapes and sizes. Be specific about the height and width of stairs in your definition. When you say "3 stairs" do you mean a 2 ft drop over 3 ft horizontal?
  • Some of your skill progressions between level seem like too much. I like the progression "180 down 5 stairs" to "180 tiregrab down 5 stairs" between levels... but there seems to be a bit much going from level 3 to 4... unispin down stairs is damn hard if you ask me. In my opinion, before you have any 360 skill, the prev. level should have a 180 of the same skill.
  • Wall plant, good. No wall ride?
  • I think there should be some back-to-back tricks in the list... just like freestyle has their "four mounts for level 4, five for 5, etc." street should require that one can chain tricks together. So level 4 might have "two level 3 tricks back-to-back" and 5 would have "three level 3 tricks back-to-back-to-back" or "two level 4 tricks back-to-back" or both? [/LIST] That's all for now... I'm sure I'll have more to say later. Keep up this work, I like it!
  • Yeah, thats a good idea, if nothing else it will be fun…Tomsey had the same idea.

    I think the wall ride that Maestro mentioned is a must. I’ve always wanted to do that but I never quite made it…

    I don’t ride street, but I think that progression might be a little steep. On the freestyle skill levels, you have the first seven, which are mostly easy stuff, the eighth, which is medium difficulty, and the ninth and especially the tenth which are really hard. You should decide whether you want to folllow a similar progression, as well as whether it should be limited to ten levels. You should also decide on what role freestyle moves should play in the street levels. Additionally, I think you should explain that unlike the freestyle skill levels, these levels are completely unofficial, so as not to confuse anyone.

    Good work.

    Hmm, I dont think you should start out with riding 50 feet, dismounting etc. because that is not street.
    I think the levels should be more spread out, but not start with the basics like mounting, riding… A better level 1 would be something like… hop 5 times, rolling hop on flat, maybe ride/hop off a curb.

    Also, I dont think wheel walking, riding one footed stuff is considered street, UNLESS you mix it in with other tricks, like crankflip to wheelwalk, etc.

    And one other thing, a no-footer is not always easier than a onefooter.

    I think that “wall ride” is actually a “wall hop” But I don´t know.
    Maybe the progression is a little steep. But This is the first sketch of it. I admit that these street levels are harder that the standard levels. But street riding is often harder than standard riding.

    A good point. But riding 50 meters isn’t Freestyle or Standard Skill either. Remember those old levels were designed to give riders a progression from the beginning. So the question for Street is whether it should start from a new rider, or assume some pre-existing skill already.

    I’ll agree with most that the progression is awfully steep. This is fine if your intended audience is intermediate riders and above, but inaccessible if you want to attract new riders.

    Flatland (Freestyle) tricks can be Street also. The question is perhaps whether to only include moves that aren’t done on flat ground. But some of the cooler, newer moves, not found in the levels or Standard Skill List, are good Street stuff as well. I think it should be a mix, and there’s nothing wrong with overlap.

    All tricks described need to have a definition somewhere. Everything in the 10 skill levels is backed up by a definition (with one or two arguable exceptions) in the Standard Skill List. If you name a skill that a skater might know, it means nothing to us non-skaters, and different riders may interpret it in different ways.

    Keep up the good work!

    I think some of the skills are out of order. Half crankflip and crankflip are in the same level and the half crankflip is kind of a baby step to a crankflip. Also in your level “?” you have a 180/180 and those are alot easier than 360 unispins so that should go before. I agree that it should be a slower progression.
    With that said, I think it’s a good idea, good job!:smiley:

    True, but this is for street, wereas mounting, riding and dismounting could be considered a standard skill, it is not considered street.

    Yes, I agree, there is a lot of static flatland tricks that are considered street, such as crank stand tricks(seatwrap/leg around) and stuff like that.

    Remember all of you can arrange and add stuff to the list.
    I just put half crankflip on lvl. 4 instead of lvl. 5. And some other minor stuff.

    When you edit the list I would want you to announce it in this thread though.

    Yes, the Standard Skill List includes a “regular” mount and riding in a straight line. Then again, a beginner rider in a Street competition might do the same thing. In fact I think I’ve seen it done (among other skills). One must allow for generic unicycle skills in any of these competition forms, though they don’t necessarily need to be part of the levels.

    Sometimes the Street “community” starts to sound a little snobbish. “Excuses me, but that’s not Street.” That’s all a matter of opinion at this point, and there will always be crossover. Remember, a 360 unispin was Freestyle first, then Standard Skill. Only now is it also Street! :slight_smile:

    Anyone interested in this project should also consider making it a part of the Skills System being developed for the USA inc. by Carol McLean. I tried to find a thread dedicated to that topic, but not sure if there is one. Read down this one to find out more:

    The advantage to working within that system is that it covers the duplication in the beginning rider stages. Also it is much more likely to be adopted by the USA (and later the IUF) as an official system!

    On a veral does your body spin-free of the unicycle?

    I always thought a varial was a 180/180 with a crankflip like Sabin’s in Defect.

    No, I’ve heard of a varial being were you spin your body around the unicycle.

    Also I’ve heard a varial as were you spin your body one way, the unicycle the other way.

    I added onto the thing on the top that describes street riding to include static tricks, before it said “…everything flowy, nothing static”. If you’ve seen Defect it has, esp. Dan Heaton, flowy static tricks.

    Yeah but thats a body varial.

    A lot of the names are sort of odd. Why do we use “blind” 180 instead of backside. Also we could call moving your body around the uni a “Decade” like they have on bmx. I just don’t see why we can’t use the same names as BMXers, skaters, and inliners. We already say “crankflip”, why not use more names. If we say decade the BMXers will get it. if we switch to backside all the other extreme sports will get it.

    Well I think a “body varial” is alot more descriptive than a “decade”. To me, a decade is a period of 10 years.

    wow the skills go way too fast… lvl 1 u learn to ride and lvl 3 u gotta 360 on flat ? ehh ? I dont like it at all I think it’s actaully really bad. sorry if Im rude

    I see your point on the levels turnign too hard too fast.
    Any suggestions on what to fill the 3-4 first levels with then?

    I think you should go slower… lvl 1 should be basics like riding, idling, and hoping, lvl 2 should go with roll hoping on a ledge,180s,shiftys (nothing where u foot leave the pdals) lvl 3 should be no footers,grinding a small ledge, hoping a 3 stairs,hoping up 3 pallets, lvl 4 should be 180 unispin a 4-5 stairs,griding and rail, griding a ledge to 180 out, lvl 5 should be griding a big ledge,doing a 5 stairs 180ing a 3 stair and maybe a half flip