Street Discussion Thread.

Talk street here…

-Things you can do
-Things you’d like to see done
-Just chat

Go crazy.

I’d really love to see people riding handrails, Instead of just grinding them.

I would like to see techy big street.


isnt that trials…
or maybe ride a hand rail to gap to grind onto another hand rail…
or grind up a hand rail, but that would take soo much speed…
they could be called grind ups…

I don’t really think so, Street bmxers do it. I think a fast handrail ride is very street.

Up handrails, doesn’t really work on a unicycle.


Wouldn’t we all. I’m slowly moving up to six sets lol.

Ya i would like to see people riding rails more also. tonight my brother and i were at the skate park and i rode down a 5 stair (lowish and a small slope) handrail. I wish that more people would start working on rolling into riding rails also. it looks wicked awesome.

EDIT: also, crankflips down drops are very painful if you mess up… …like i did tonight.

Does anybody hurt their feet alot riding street? I do, I seem to hurt my feet really really regularly. I have tried changing shoes, types of shoes, buying shoes built for impacts, buying shoes built for platform pedals, so far nothing has helped.

On big sets I hurt my feet, even the other day I randomly popped something in my left foot for some reason and I don’t know how!

I can almost crankflip! Yeah i know pretty lame but I just tried to learn yesterday. I can get the flip mostly expecially on my friends LX. But I cant get my forward foot even close to the pedal. Ill eventually suck it up and just do it so im not really asking for help. Just something thats street that im trying.

Edit: its flip not spin. My bad.

What size sets are you hopping nathan (your name?)? I hurt my feet on 8 sets sometimes.

I just got fifth flips!

well i am heading more towards a shaun/kevin stye of thing… as big street is hard on gear but without tech stuff small or medium street is boring, so i am planning on getting me flips heaps better and grinds…

Well that was really hard to understand :roll_eyes:

also, grip tape pedals are cool.

I dont hurt my feet from doing drops, but actually from little drops. What happens when doing a crankflip, or anything along those lines, sometimes my front of my foot lands on the pedal, and that’s a lot of force when you land, but because of my foot being so barely on the pedal, my foots slips, and like a stretched rubber band, gets slammed hard into the cement.

I broke my toe doing that…


the one thing i dont like about grinds is that there is only one grind, well a few if you count switch and backwards and things.

but all the variations involve doing things into grinds.

although Shaun does tricks while grinding, i surpose that can count as diffrent grinds…

i just talked my self out of that.

I think sidespin variations will get big soon, they look so much cooler then any other tricks.

I also think if you could tap a wall with your feet while side spinning it will look good.

bye bye Dale

  1. SIF, freemounting, and others
  2. handstand coasting
  3. I have a DX and coker
  4. Hawo peoples. :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah pretty much anything bigger than a 6 set tends to cause discomfort. Occasionaly I tend to slam down though when I jump oddly angled sets, but thas my problem.

Also sometimes if I land 180’s poorly I hurt my feet aswell.

Do you make sure to roll out the instant you hit the ground?
Also, put the arch of your foot over the pedal instead of the ball of your foot, if you’re not already, it provides more support.

Hey Luke, you’re supposed to practice stuff for awhile first, at least.

I really want to get a pair of these pedals, and take out the pins and put griptape on them. they are pretty pricey though.

a guy had a pair of those pedals at moab…they were ok…
yeah sometimes my feet hurt too but thats just cuse of where i put my feet…if they are too far forward i can still land whatever i do, it just hurts alot…but if its just right in the back then it doesnt hurt as much or at all…
anyone grind with their left crank back…cuse i was then it was messing me up so i had to switch to hopping to my right side wich has the right crank forward,but i dont hop as high to that side so im working on that…