Street Discussion Thread.

yesterday i was trying some crankflips off of a manual pad that was pretty small. one the last one i tried the unicycle bounced out from under me and a little to the left. i reached out to grab it out of instinct and the plastic bumper on the back hit the bone at the base of my thumb. for some reason it hurt like heck. my hand is kind of sore today but i hope it wont be a problem. I’m hoping to get to the skate park today to try a 2-flat-2 gap that i have been eying.

Do you (plural) think that crankflips might be easier to learn off a small drop, because you have more time in the air?

Also, I hop to the left with my left foot back holding the seat with my right hand…which is weird. Most people hop to the direction of their front foot, and hold the seat with the hand of their back foot. It makes pedal grabs difficult, and I was wondering if anyone thinks this orientation will make grinds, crankflips or anything harder.

i hop goofy too… to the side that my left foot is cuse it is back…idk if it makes pedal grabs harder…i cant really do them…
it makes grinding harder so i got to grind goofy…i guess it coud make certain stalls harder since u dont have any pressure that is forward…instead u are leaning backwards…thats why the grind were harder with my left crank back…

Hey this is the same way I hop. Right foot forward (left foot back), right hand on the seat, and to the left. So when I ride trials I pedal grab with my left (back) foot. I actually find back foot pedal grabs easier then ones with your front foot. Originally I would hold the seat with my right hand and hop to the right and I learned pedal grabs with my front foot but they were awkward so I switch to hopping to the left. I grind better with my front crank. Flips and unispin flip variations more depend on your unispin/hop twist direction. I haven’t had too many problems with them.

I’d like to see more people doing switch flip tricks. I plan to start hitting them down some sets soon (injured right now).

For pedal grabs I do them a special way, in which I land on my back pedal but then while balanced on the pedal on the ledge, I pull the unicycle up in back so the left pedal is now forwards, then as I jump on to the ledge I spin the wheel half a revolution in the air and land left foot back again…it’s actually not hard at all, it’s really pretty easy actually.

sounds kina like my friend…when he does pedal grabs he ends up doin a half rotation on the way up…

I don’t hurt my feet much on big sets, make sure that you don’t land stiff leggedly or you will injure your ankles and balls of your feet, and possibly your shins.

the street I like is basically rolling trials w/ some grabs and stuff mixed in.
i like big stairsets, i need to find one that is a challenge to clear, but not impossible by any means.

I can do an 8 set w/o any discomfort whatsoever.
its just how often you do it.
you get used to these things. I want to do something impossible, or so you thought, that is my goal for unicycling
i saw the most insane gap/drop today
I’m doing it next time I go downtown in the daylight. its about 10-12 feet across and about the same down(depending on which part I do).

Make sure you film that!!

I really liked your video! Nice to see girls riding street!

Are there any other female street riders?

Just so people don’t think I’m some creepy boy looking for all the girl riders, I’d like to point out that I’m a girl looking to eventually do street. Just seeing if there are more out there…

I think they would be easier, but still not a good idea. You should be able to get a single flip on flat pretty easily if you’re doing it right.

Anyone noticed 540s dont seem any easier off drops?

I’m off to film now. Goodbye.

Thanks! That’s awesome!


That was MY vid, and I’m not a girl ! I’m so offensed !..Yeah you’re right, maybe I should cut the extra hair… :roll_eyes:

But thank you anyway…


Haha I get that too when my hair is long…

Oh my goodness I am SO sorry!! Nice video regardless. :slight_smile:

That’s Ok, I’m used to it now !:wink:

And by the way Émile, mon vid était pas vraiment big street, c’est plus du…ah je sais pas trop c’est quoi mon style, mais y’avait pas beaucoup de big, juste le 8 set, 360 5 marches et c’est pas mal tout…c’est pas parce que y’a des marches que c’est du big street…


P.S. 100th post ! I’m so happy !!!
P.S.S For the one who speak french and understood what I said, it was not meant to be rude, I know very well Émile.

hey luke what are some tips on 540 unispins?

and for catching flips early? doing the bigger sets is hard without catching flips.

Cant think of much for 540 unispins, just figure out your hands so you dont let the seat go, and go for it.

As for catching flips early… try catching no footers early, its pretty easy. I guess just flip high and fast then pull up on the seat.

Again, sorry…got confused. Anyway…I agree with your statement about short hair. I have short hair and perfer it over long ANY DAY.

You don’t let the seat go when you 540 unispin? I didn’t know that was possible, unless you switch hands in the middle somewhere. I just spin it a little past 180 and let it go. Sometimes if it spins a little off axis it falls over.

I switch hands after 360 degrees, but I’m always in contact with it.