Storage Hooks

My local Lidl has storage hooks in from Thursday. I was pleasantly surprised by the accompanying picture:

for those that don’t have a local Lidl, or if your local one doesnt have the hooks (you have to enter your post code to see them), here’s the picture;



i use these. they work great for thiner tires but my KH won’t fit

Tyler’s hooks are great for hanging from the ceiling (or a beam or otherwise vertically) but they don’t work on the wall. Those bigger hooks obviously work for unicycles on a wall.

The only downside of the “regular” hooks Tyler posted is that they don’t work with fat tires. I can jam my 29" onto a regular hook, but I had to go out and find larger versions for my Coker and MUnis.

If you have the headroom, the easiest way to hang unicycles is upside down. Only one hook necessary and it’s easy to get them on & off (unless you put the hooks too close together, which gets the pedals always tangling on each other). In my experience, hanging unicycles horizontally on the ceiling is always a pain, but can work if your ceiling is low enough to easily reach up there, or for unicycles you don’t use much.

my friend bought that unicycle from lidl for £25, he learnt to ride and hop on it and hasn’t broke it yet as far as i know x

Iv’e been looking for a way to store unicycles in my garage for a while as there are three lying arouind. I’d never thought of hanging them upside down from one hook. Do you mean hooking it by the rim?


Nice video Tyler N. It’s given me some ideas for tricks that I hadn’t thought of before.

thank you. i watched your video and your really good at those crankgrabs

Thanks, I think I put a few too many in the video for most peoples liking. In my next video I’m going to try doing some bigger stuff with fewer crank stalls.

I’m rather lazy and a bit of a risk taker. I have three unis hanging from the rafters in my garage and I use no hooks: I just put the front of the seat over the rafter until the seat post hits the rafter and the uni stays.

It’s risky because if I bump against a wheel a uni could come crashing down.

One day I’ll install some hooks, but for the time being simply slipping the seat over the rafter works great.

First major thread-jack this year? lol…

I’m the one from youtube btw that told you to come here… :roll_eyes: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw that too, I saw the price (£6.99) and the picture first and then was disappointed that it was the hooks for sale not the uni!

Good recomendation jamessd. From going on this site Iv’e found that other local unicyclists actually exist. I’m meeting up with some in manchester next saturday. If you hadn’t of left that comment on youtube I’d still be in the dark.

Bringing this back from the dead.

Has anyone found any new solutions for storage hooks? I made one for the 3d printers out there but I am also looking for something that folds up for when I am traveling in my RV.

Have a look at this thread for inspiration

I personally use these simple guitar hooks for storage outside in my garage (they grab around the seat post just underneath the saddle)