Unicycle stand for larger wheels

I bought this fat tire bike stand on Amazon around $45. Fits my 26 muni with 3 inch tire perfectly. I’m going to try it on my 29er and 32 tomorrow. Stay tuned for those results.


Looks like very nice. That’s a good idea. My Unis are also hanging in Guitar stands. That’s goes very well, also for a 36". If 12 Unis and 6 holder for the unis. The other one staying or lying in the garage. It’s not the best solution. I thinking about the same the stand for my 36" because it’s staying in my room. That’s like a very good solution to clean up the room and the Uni is staying in my room. It’s looks nicest than a lying uni.

Here is my nimbus 29er and my udc 32 on the stand. There is an adjustable upper roller that allows you to accommodate different wheel diameters and it also holds up to 4 inch wide tires. it is sturdy, light weight and easy to assemble. I’m getting 3 more.

I do not ride a 36 so I’m not sure if it will fit. I feel it would fit even if you removed the top roller all together


I just lean my unicycles against a wall like a f***ing neanderthal 🤷🏼

(Granted they fall over if even a single ant stomps past or a mouse farts in their general direction)


I’ve been doing that for years. I’m attempting to organize my life this year. Hopefully this helps. Half the time I have one or two unis in the back seat of my truck.

Fits better handle bars in this position.

Also can be used as a work stand for certain tasks.


I’m not even going to post a picture of the pile that most of my unicycles are in.

Actually, a correction to that… piles that my unicycles are in. I think there are a total of 4 piles at two different houses.

My most ridden ones kind of rest against each other in the shed, but the others… :man_shrugging:


I am sure @UniMyra has his all neatly in individual stands and not all thrown on top of each other in the back of a wardrobe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I use one of those gardening tool holder things screwed into the wall, but there is still a pile underneath that. Sometimes the unis lean into a small counter in the garage but usually just end up in a pile by the time I go to grab one.

Hanging them from hooks in the ceiling works pretty well. I don’t have enough floor space for a pile of unicycles.

I’ve toyed around with different hooks and brackets but I don’t want to put hooks in my ceiling. I am finding this stand to be a great solution. It s portable and can be moved around easily. I’m ordering a few more I will post a picture of all of them together. When I get them.

Do you have pics of the uni in guitar stand? I don’t own a guitar, and I’m having a hard time imagining thr size. Sounds like a great idea.

Yes I can send you a picture but I’m at the moment not at home, most unis are staying at home but on Sunday I can take you same pictures of that.

I looked at guitar stands, I was concerned about 2 things, strength and the fact it would hold the uni flat, . They are considerably cheaper. Amazon has a 2 pack under $30.

Yeah. I’m thinking the same thing. It’s always nice to hijack mass market products if they fit the bill!

Here some pics.

The 36" is going also good in the guitar stand.

So you got a stand that holds 2 by the top of neck and does not support the base of the guitar. The ones I refered to would hold the unicycle by cradling the tire and the seat post would rest against the cradle at the top. This is the link to Amazon guitar stand.

How stable is it ? How stable is with only one unicycle on it? Does it need two to keep it balanced.

It’s very Stable. Here the other ones.

Trial and a 24" Muni. Normally there’s a 26" Muni but that isn’t at the moment in my own.

The 36" with the green Pedals and the 26" Schlumpf.

It’s a better balance with two unis or you used the other side where no uni is for a jacket holder. I don’t have an jacket holder and the guitar stand it’s a good solution for it.

That is very nice and compact. . I like that a lot. UDC should look into carrying some of these storage solutions as most of us are riding 24 " to 36" unicycles. The only thing they offer is the dinky rack for a kids unicycle. I ordered a single guitar rack today to try ( actually 2 because I ordered a 2 pack for $29) for my other 29er and I have another bike rack like the one in my original post also on the way. I will take a picture of all my unicycles organized when all my racks are in and complete. Stay tuned.

These are great @Felgenbremse ! I’m surprised it holds the 36er so well like it’s made for it.