Stack it up

Rules:Person A begins the game with a 3spin
then the next player(person B) must do a 3spin and add a trick he/she wants to do like a flip.
Then person C has to do a 3 spin ,flip and a trick he/she wants to add like wraproll and so on.
all tricks must be one clip and without falling .
the game starts if there are enough people who wants to play:)

I’ll do this.

nice do you want to set the first trick or should i do it

you can

ok i´ll go out and film

it´s uploading i did side ww over a rev

does anybody wants to go on?

sorry, haven’t been able to ride much lately so I might not actually stack this up. It’s hard to get out when it’s so hot here. bleh… heat

I’ll answer! tomorrow i’ll film the trick

edit: can i do a little combo?

Speed it up to 10 tricks + and I’ll join

i hope it wont take muche time till we are at ten;)

you can also add a big combo ,) you can set every trick or combo you want
what combo do you want to add

added a hickflip

i will go on if i get my new seat post or does somebody else wants to go on?

I can do it.

and what do you want to add?

No clue.


Still no clue what I added… Smallspin to 180 tire step over?