Stack it up

like a smallspin wheelpose thing. Looks nice.

i love this trick :smiley:
if i can i will go onif nobody else wants to

do it :smiley:

i´ll go on later i filmed it
sorry for the sketchy tricks and more than bad trick that you added max i hope it´s ok like this
next time the tricks will look better :wink:

Matti I can’t watch this video. did the 270/180/270 and the 270/270 have hops?

the 270/180/270 has no hops but i don´t get the 270/270 without hops
will you go on ?

No, I can’t do the smallspin thing.


It isn’t even the same trick :stuck_out_tongue: But it is fine.
I’ll add something to it soon.

ok than i´ll go on and do the tricks better
but the only diffrence between the tricks were that i didn´t spin my body i put my foot just straight thought

Those differences makes the trick easy to hard. But whatever, next time at least get the foot postion right, mine this time is only a 1spin (didnt get much of a hoptwist in there).

Did you add a wrap or a doubleflip or both?

You can only add one trick at a time (unless in a combo). So the seatwrap.


i might go and give this a go.

meh, it started raining! i got it once but there was hops in the middle of the sideways wheel walking :stuck_out_tongue: and i think i put my foot wrong on the unispin footplant thingo… haha might have another go tomorrow!

Here sorry about the really sketchy small spin footplant thing:o

added 180 sidespin

I guess a sketchy smallspin-footjam trick will have to do for everyone now…
Nice backroll combo too, so awesome getting multiple of those.

I’ll go film in a bit.

so we just have to do the foot jam thing that christoffer did ?