Stack it up normal

Its a time ago since it was a stack it up thread here (active) so i want to start one up again :slight_smile:
So this is not a easy trick thread and not an expert trick thread but a normal trick thread :stuck_out_tongue:
The game work like this

  1. person: Do a trick like a crankflip
  2. person: crankflip + his own trick like 360 unispin
  3. person: crankflip + 360 unispin + his trick like hickflip

and so on hope someone wants to play :wink:

I’ll be in :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on… the other one isn’t that hard.

i’m not too good but i’ll take a whack at it. it might help me improve. I’m in.

i´ll try to get the stepover thing clean

do you start?

yeah :roll_eyes:

here it is



will anyone stack it up?

i can do it but not today

I will join this :smiley:
but I don’t have a trial uni for the moment (have to wait an week for the new one :p)
so I will wait 1week or I will stack it up with my standart or 29" unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in to. Im not good at flip tricks, but it would be a good chance for me to improve it.

Btw, what kind of tricks will this game contains, or is it all the same?

  • outsideroll
    does anyone know if the last trick is new?

It isn’t new.

I will stack you up today :wink:

I will try to stack this up tomorrow, unless someone is doing it before me

EDIT: Is it ok im doing a 180 unispin into the outsideroll, it feels easier to me

It’s fine for me :wink:

can i join!
if so
IM IN!!!

I’m in…

Sorry i didn’t stacked it up yesterday, it was raining, but i’m going to do it today, just thinking what i’ll add