[Game] Combo Stack It Up

I was pretty close to make this today :slight_smile: I got to the last wrapwalk but failed at the 360 I’ll try again tomorrow if it’s not raining

Would anyone else play if we started a new one? :slight_smile:

Yeah! I’d love to play! :smiley:

Alright, first trick is a rolling wrap. Add something to the beginning or end. :slight_smile:

I’m fresh like a fish! :slight_smile:

Yes. Several times.
Stack it up ~Medium~!
Add-On Combo Game
Stack it up Stack it up normal
Stack it up Medium
Stack It Up Game
There are also German and girls ones.

No, this game hasn’t been done before. Here, all the tricks are done in a combo. In those other links, the tricks are only done in lines.

Edit: c’mon, someone film a combo with a rollingwrap :slight_smile:

I’ll join to!:slight_smile:

http://vimeo.com/25241969 Push mush.

I’ll play while it is still easy enough for me to land. :stuck_out_tongue:

COMBO: Rolling wrap - push-mush - backroll

rolling wrap-push mush-backroll-1.5 scuff coast

rolling wrap-push mush-backroll-1.5 scuff coast-270 unispin
The combo stops at the 270 = don’t do the 90 down

http://vimeo.com/25310040 I did 90 rollingwrap.

rolling wrap-push mush-backroll-1.5 scuffcoast-270-90-rolling wrap-backroll180

Maybe when it gets to like 10 tricks we can start a new combo, otherwise it gets too difficult and long imo. what do you guys think?

That sounds like a great idea! Let’s do it!

but when the combos gets longer and more difficult its more challenging for the players

yeah I agree, I just don’t want this thread to die though if no one can stack it up. maybe then, instead of a trick limit, we could just start a new combo if no one can stack it up after a set time, like 3 or 5 days or something?

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing yesterday too.

i agree only with matti! the thread wont be so interesting, when theres 15 tricks its interesting! and matti you should play too! i stack it up today btw! :wink:

bc when a rider stacks it up who is one of the best riders with one of the best style i think more people want to try it!!