Some Syko footage

Well, I should have been getting ready to go out of town for a week the last few hours, but instead I decided to make a little video…

A lot of these clips are ones that were shot for Defect, but didn’t make the cut for various reasons. A few of em might actually be in the bonus sections. Some of the stuff is newer (within the last 6 months) and some is even older than Defect…

Just a bunch of random crap…

(There are a few swear words in the song)

Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing it! Something is glitched, I can’t play more then the first 20 seconds!

Thanks a lot Dan! I love seeing leftover footage from movies and stuff… especially Syko footage!

Your part was best man… flow flow flow!

HA! I love it when Zach took off that guard’s hat and threw it! Was that guy saying " you scratched the rail"?haha. Ya, that was really good thanks for making that.


… It worked.

That was so crazy Dan. Thanks for showing that to us. I loved the part where the gaurd got mad at Zach for scatchin the rail and then he stole his hate and threw:) Thanks again for showing that it was crazy.

Dang Dan, smooth stuff man, its nice to see a talanted street rider doing some of the coolest lookin crap without a bunch of flip tricks, well done bro. Ohh and What made the Security gaurd and Zack fight about, that was one of the best parts of the film, Iwish that was in Defect!

Damn, favorite part was the jump into the sideways wheel-walk.

Great video.

haha thats a cool video

That was awesome!

Dan, you’ve got a flow like none other!

whos gallery is it in? the link dont work(haha look at the list of people at the bottom of the page! i guess thats what dan can do)

its not working at all for me :frowning:

Yes it does, you just have to wait and let it ‘load’ or something for awhile. Or rightclick>save target as.

Or… here… :

Dan,that was sweet! Youve got awsome flow…Ive never seen you ride before! I love the rolling hop to sideways ww and Sabins doubles are so nice. Shaun CF to grind was pretty slick aswell…I have to get defect!


That is the best movie posted on this web site for a while.

Now i cant concentrate on my homework… i want to UNI!!!

mmmmmmmm… i loved the different styles in that…man that was bitchin… zack is INSANE…


awesome movie dan. I really like the rolling hop into side ww and how Sabin’s pedals really show the flips.

crazy… what was the fight about? that was kinda different, but hilarious.

Riding was on par with defect, but seemed better because it was new stuff i hadn’t seen before.

What sets that apart from all the other videos on the forums is how good the videography is. It’s really well shot and pretty well edited, so it looks even better (to me) than macht nada, even though macht nada had better riding probably.

great stuff, and good music choice. I normally don’t like hip hop or rap or whatever, but it worked for this video. Unicyclists are gonna turn me into someone who likes pretty much all music ever, at this rate.

Th fight was about a railing that Zach supposedly scratched when he grinded down it…

the security guard looked like mike clark so i’m pretty sure it was jokes. the video was good