Should I get a Unicycle?

K so I got this friend of mine who can unicycle and juggle at the same time, I think it’s so kickass. He’s the only person I’ve ever met that knows how, I was thinking of getting one and troll the oublic (jk). I dunno if i should sine it’s coll in a dorky sorta, way. Would I really want to be know as the kid on a unicycle. Or should I use that money for a new hill bombing longboard? Thanks guys!

Do it. I bought one 3 months ago on a whim. Haven’t a clue why, as it’s never been on the list of things to do. I love it. It’s a great way to get fit. Makes people smile. I’m now out 5 times a week. Job done.


No, get the unicycle!

you ask that question on a unicycle forum where unicyclomaniacs gather. Of course everybody here will say you should get a uni. The most fun sport in the galaxy. Juggling is not required though.:smiley:

You shouldn’t get one. :slight_smile:

Do it, and never look back. (unless riding backwards, then definitely look back.) :roll_eyes:

Buy a used cheap one. 50$ or less. :slight_smile:
Wheel size 20 or 24".

Gather some advice for beginners: how to stand on a unicycle, how to mount…

Try the unicycle for at least 10 hours on a flat ground, but don’t be too impatient. It requires learning!

If possible, wear a helmet… And shin guards! Pedals hurting your shin is very frequent when you learn, and it hurts bad even with plastic pedals.
If you don’t have or don’t want to buy shin guards, you can use pieces of cardboard in your socks/leg pants. That’s what I did at first and it works very well.

Maybe watch some videos about various unicycle disciplines: muni, trial, flat, freestyle, road…

And after all of this then you’ll decide if you like it or not. :slight_smile:
If you don’t, you’ll sell your unicycle back for the same price (unless you broke it of course) you bought it!


You will never be the same as you were before…

Look at these guys. Is being known as the kid who unicycles bad?


Don’t do it!
Unicycling is bad for your physical health and has been shown to increase both anxiety and depression; in addition, it’s a huge waste of time, energy, and money.

Of course that is a question for you and not for us. We’ve already been there. It is kickass. You have to decide if you want to be like everybody else, or… kickass. For me it was an easy choice, even though it took a while to reach the kickass stage.

Like suggested above, start with a decent, cheap one, to figure out how to ride and if you want to really get into it. Or a borrowed one, like I did, but not everybody has access to those.

Please note that those kickass guys in the two videos are not average examples of unicyclists. They are like super-duper kickass. :sunglasses:

The correct question is

“How soon should I buy my next unicycle?”

Yeah well he won’t be guys in this video for the first few years. :smiley:
I admit that beginners can genuinely be viewed as ridiculous, with their giggling arms…

But as soon as you can ride comfy and are confident with your balance (which can happen in a few months), you’ll get way more compliments than mocking.
I got stuff like “badass” and “awesome” or “you rock” more than once a week when riding in town. And I’m not even doing tricks!

I bought one thinking I would learn to ride 20 ft and be able to check unicycling off my bucket list. Turns out it is so much fun I think about it constantly and ride every chance I can get.
Unicycling feels more like flying to me than riding.



Just wait until you get a 36er, full psi, and a long, smooth, flat piece of road!

I have a Night Fox! It’s amazing. Did a 20 mile last weekend. Only reason I stopped was because my legs could go no more.

Beautiful, keep flying!

Yeah and the step after that would be removing the wheel. Then you will really be flying :slight_smile:

yes that is really annoying, isn’t it. Especially those days where it all goes really smoothly. Stupid legs.

Cool factor, but have you “got” what it takes?

Watching experts ride and wanna be like them is cool.

What if? You could see all the practice, falling down, “not looking cool” work went into getting there?

Would you be able to do that?
Be seen?

…or (like some of us?) go into hiding and find a nice private spot with zero distractions to build your skills…