Shaun and Xavier

So ive noticed alot of people are arguing about Shaun and Xav’s skill, and the idea it me that it would be cool if they kinda did a callout vid, except with a twist. Shaun has to do flatland, and Xav flips. also maybe there coul be 3 tricks the one names for the other to do in thier vid.

Or just have them make a video together, like what he did with Ryan Atkins.

i didnt relize that shaun and ryan rode together in that video. i thought that they each made half a vid and combine them

Thats what I ment. =p

Unless Xav goes to FLUCK, but I heard he wasnt this year. :frowning:

o lol, yeah if they did that it would be the craziest street video EVER. i can only imagine…sighs whistfully

I think Xav is better at flips than shaun is at flat.

i think Shaun is good at flat, he just doesn’t do it. I think if you watch some old movies you will see some.

i think so anyway

bye bye

Shaun did a whole section in Ill about streetlanding. I think that he could make a pretty good flat land video.

And Xavs flips are so smooth.

I think it that would be cool to watch.

Streetlanding is pretty much an “american” style of flatland. I say american flatland cause it’s different than the stuff french guys do in flatland.

French flatland- You move around a lot more. Crankroll tricks keep you from staying in one place all the time. More flow because of the movement.

American flatland (Shaun J. flatland)- More static tricks (stay in one spot on the ground). Less flow, setup hops into the trick combination.

That said, I can’t, and no one can, define flatland right now. It’s too early in it’s development to really say what is what.

I would bet money that if Shaun sees this, he will try to prove me wrong:p

xav is really smooth and cool, but i couldnt compare shaun with anyone, hes at the next level.
The tricks he does…triple flip, and well just everything he does it amazing.

What you call french flatland is american flatland because most of the tricks where invented by Dan Heaton…

I don’t see why you would call that american flatland, the french guys do that kind of stuff too. I am pretty sure that Dan started the crankroll stuff anyway.
I don’t consider streetlanding a style.

edit, Lutz beat me.

ya me to. its just kinda dumb. for it to be flatlnad u need to use the cranks. wraps and crankrolls are what alot of flatland is. but theres alot of other things to that need to be in flatland to make it good.

There are not enough Americans that do flatland to really define what is more American or more French. Flatland is also so new that you really can’t set definitions for it yet. I’d give it a few years.

I always thought flatland was that classic presentation kind of unicycling that daiki izumida and kaori matzuzawa do…

what is that called then? :thinking:


oh! right!!

I was just confused because what was called bike freestyle is now called flatland…

confuuuusion… :slight_smile:


2 words with the same meaning really. :smiley: :smiley:

Xavier is better at flips than I at flatlanding. No doubt. I haven’t flatlanded in soo long, but even at my prime he is better at flips now, than my flatland ever. Oh well, lol. Those comparisions to flatland, and streetland, sound great. Only thing I would say is the set up hops part. Since streetlanding isn’t practiced it’s infancy will of course have more hops as of now, but not in it’s definition. Flatland is an older style and is further along. Sabin A. is a great streetlander, and flatlander. Dan H. did start flatlanding, also U1 had some Streetland, I just tried to give the wheel pose wrap, and wheel pose can-can. Oh well. I would love to do a video with Xav, I think we would hit every part of street except rails, which, of course, I would take Kevin M for a total cover street video.

-Shaun Johanneson

that would be the holy grail of street, just in video form!!!