setting up a "grind" rail at home

Has anybody ever done this? Since I’m totally new at grinding I thought it would be easier to learn by having a nice, slippery rail that I could set up at home.

Would it maybe be easiest to get the “feel” for it if I were to let the rail angle down to the ground from 3 or 4 pallets, then from the top of the pallets I could just “hop” onto it and gravity would help me slide down? I think since I still have trouble doing a rolling hop high enough to latch onto the rail, hopping onto the rail static, from the higher angle should get me going. Could I hop onto, and slide my cranks while I’m learning, because I lose balance quickly when I’m on just the pedal. Appreciate any suggestions or what you think of my plan. :smiley:

unless you have the rail at a really really steep angle that won’t work. If you get mor like 16 pallets it would work, but rails are alot more fun(and easier) if you can get a really good rolling start.

Unfortunately my rolling hops are not good enough yet to even get on the rail. That’s why I thought gravity would get me going from the higher angle.

If you are just getting into grinding you should start on ledges, they are much easier than rails.

As for yours, slope it down but not too much and just rolling hop into it. It goes much smoother that way. I have seen people static hop into handrails but I think it’s better to roll hop into it.

Edit: if your rolling hops aren’t good enough yet then you could set up a longer platform on top (like 2 pallets in a row) so you can get a roll into it then if you slant it down then you will only have to hop maybe a foot out and you will catch the rail. You won’t have to hop ‘up’ to it.

practis rolling hops on flat ground by drawing 2 lines with chalk or something of the sort. than try rolling hopping from one to the other. as you get better you can draw longer lines. you could also have the rail be pretty low to the ground/object your jumping onto it from, so that you barely have to hop to get on it.

edit: spencer beat me to it. I forgot about ledges. you can get a grind plate form, or just take the pins out of your pedals and buy some sakteboard wax and apply lots of it to a ledge. it will be easier to slide if the ledge is angled down a bit, but it doesn’t have to be.

what about landing on, and grinding on my cranks? Seems it would be more stable that way, at least while I’m learning.

can you crank/pedal grab? if not, learn those first. for long ledges that are waxed alot and angled down the crank works to grind on, but for flat ones the pedal works better.

That’s fine for ledges, you want to try to grind rails on your pedals. That way it won’t accidentally get stuck between the crank and the tire. It also grinds smoother and you can control it better.

You guys are really helpful…thanks! Where can I buy the best material to use as a rail, and how long should it be to learn on?

Just drive through white suburbia for a while and eventually youll find some 12 year olds with a ramp, and a rail. Proceed to beat them down with a bat or 5iron and duct tape the rail to your car and run away. Be sure to duct tape the kids down and bindfold them too.

I mean… uhhh. Go to a skatepark.

figure out how high it will be first, and if you are going to have it go down somehting. a 4 by 4 will bork fine if you support it well and wax it alot. a 2 by 4 should work as well. make it as long as you are comfortable doing. 2-5 ft. is usually good. you want it short enough that you ar comfortable doing it, but you don’t want it to be boring.

I bought one from sport challet or something like that. It was only like $40. The crappy part is it doesn’t go up very high. It is grindable on a uni and you only have to hop like 3" to get on. You might want something that can go higher, or maybe not, it doesn’t require any big rolling hops.

Well I used to have a grind rail, and that’s exactly what happened to me! There were just too many of them…they kicked my ass! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Theres some stuff at my local home depot in the lumber area its just a long piece of aluminum thatsbent in the middle all the way down. I havent gotten any yet because its too long for a SUV so I need someones pickup to go get it.

Its hard to explain but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.

You can just lay the aluminum over a few lined up pallets that are sloped.

doing a grind on a ledge with the cranks dont will destruct my cranks ?

wait ! you are fifty and you want to start grinding… thats awesome ! I hope I’ll be like you in the future !:slight_smile:

Sorry, I cant help because I learn on a ledge at a sk8park…

Good luck !

If you can’t rolling hop into a grind, then your grinds are going to go nowhere, you might be able to do a couple ledges that you can get lucky on, but your grinds will never go beyond the occasional box and other perfect situations suited to your needs. Being able to rolling hop and land in the position you so desire is the single greatest thing you will need for any good street riding, the foremost of this being grinding as it is one of the closest things to combining all three disiplines of unicycling (freestyle, trials, muni). If you can rolling hop into a grind then you will slide farther, faster, cleaner, and with more precision. If you are doing anything other than a perfect ledge or rail then you will need to have those down pat.

Getting a rolling hop into a grind really isn’t that hard. If you can rolling hop up a curb and you can at the very least crank grab then you can grind within about a half hour at the most.

If you want to learn how to grind do this:

  • Get your rolling hops to the point where you can hop a curb without slowing down (I’m assuming you can do this as I hear you are quite the muni expert and large roots are pretty similar to a curb)
  • find yourself a ledge, any ledge, you won’t be grinding this so it doesn’t matter but it should be at least as high as your wheel.
  • learn how to crank grab said ledge
  • figure out some way that you can rolling hop into a pedal/crankgrab (pedal is better than crank but crank will do in a pinch) this can be going perpendicular or whatever but if it is paralell then it will make your life easier.
  • once you can grab that ledge WITHOUT falling off and still having some momentum before you jump, now put an object in the middle of your path to the ledge, rolling hop over the object and land in your grab without losing your balance once on the ledge.

If you can do that then you can grind anything. Slanted rails are good to learn on because they slide the best and you don’t need as much speed to slide them, but remember the most important thing is to keep your momentum as you go into the grab, if you lose your momentum even a sloped rail may not get you far, but if you have momentum then you will be sliding across solid concrete.

Also you don’t need to use fancy skate wax or any of that crap, it costs too much money and you will look like a fool buying it. Buy the cheapest candles you can find, either that or parafin (no I don’t mean the fuel for you English blokes), parafin is pretty cheap and you can get it in chunks that are easier to handle than a spindly candle.

Probably the easiest thing that you could build is to go to your local scrap metal place (also good for finding premade bc plates for about five bucks a set) and buy yourself about a ten foot piece of metal that looks like a U with the tops of the U bent down flat (I don’t know what its called but its probably steel and its the same stuff they use to make stop signs). Drill holes in the ends of it and mount it onto something that you think will hold it and you. If you want it to last then I suggest putting more bolts into it then you think necesary as there are some brutal forces that go into grinding. The optimal hight for this rail would be about just below the highest you can rolling hop into a grab every single time with no difficulty, that way when you land onto the rail you are comming just barely over it and you won’t be putting too much downward force on the rail, this creates too much friction. Remember you want to slide onto the rail, not land on it and then slide.

Hopefully, I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t have and its not to long. Enjoy your grinds as they will (if you are anything like me) become your favourite thing to do on a nice ledge or rail.

Shhhhh! Don’t remind me of my age! I’m actually getting younger as I go on! It’s weird!:slight_smile: At least I know I have the energy of a 25 year old! (Just gonna enjoy it while I can.:stuck_out_tongue: )

hum dont stop drinking red bull …

Wow! Thanks soooo much for taking the time to explain all that good info! Really helpful! Thanks!:smiley:
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