Selling 10x 36 inch Tyres, Wheels Rims, Inner Tubes and Rim Tape

Hello there, I have 10x sets of 36 inch wheel rims, tyres, inner tubes and rim tapes to dispose of - see associated pictures.


These were bought a while back as back-up / spares to the 36" Unicycles, Modern Penny Farthings and kick Scooters that I had at the time… they’ve never been used.

I am NOT a trader, I started a project, which for various reasons, I can no longer continue with, hence the sale.

I am selling the above items as follows:

1 x 36 inch TA tyre, 4 ply - see pictures - £35.00.

1 x 36 inch Nimbus Stealth Rim (36 Spoke) - see pictures - £35.00.

1 x 36 inch Inner Tube and Rim Tape - £5.00

These prices do not include postage if that is required and I will only send stuff in the UK.

Although these items are not heavy, they are physically large. So how much is charged for their transportation (via courier) to you is dependent on what is ordered and the volume. Hence why I have kept the pricing low to accommodate for this fact and will confirm that you agree with any charge before a sale is concluded.

Please note, if just purchasing tyres, I will NOT bend them to make a smaller package for the courier, as this will damage the beading.

Please also note, I will only use Parcelforce or DPD Couriers. I have had good experiences with both of these (thus far) and they offer a realistic tracking service

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Thanks for posting here. I am sure these will be useful to someone. 36" rims seem to be like gold dust right now and I do need one but I am in Norway, plus I am hoping that once UDC’s supply starts following again I can just buy myself a full wheelset and save myself the trouble of building up a wheel. So not for me, but posting here was a good idea. I expect you will have some takers along shortly.

@Killian wants a rim Looking for somewhere with a 36er rim
@JimT is looking for a tyre: 36" Tire Wanted

No @ruari, I didn’t have anything better to do


I think you are being pretty helpful… well apart from the fact that @JimT is not in the UK. Not sure about @Killian :wink:

The fact and the furious :rofl:

So, you’re saying I should read the post before I answer? Maybe you have a point.

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Update, I found a tire.

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Hi, I’m in the market for a tyre like that if they’re still available.
This might sound like a stupid question, but I have a rim with an exterior edge diameter of 32", would one of these 36" tyres fit that do you know?
I acquired a 32" tyre for the rim not too long ago, thinking that to be correct procedure, but found that the outside treaded part of the tyre was the part that was 32", rather than where it touches the rim. I’m guessing I was just in error as to how the sizing is measured, and I need a 36" tyre, but I thought I had better check before spaffing 35 of the best, so any light you can shed on the matter would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Yes you need a 36" tire for a rim that is about 32" in diameter. Your assumption of 32" tire for 32" rim would have been correct for most wheels but not bicycles.

For more info than you ever wanted to know about bike tire sizes check this out:

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This is why we have ETRTO sizes :slight_smile:

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Hi there, saskatchewanian has explained it excellently.

The rims I have are approx 32 inches in diameter, and the tyres once fitted and inflated to the correct pressure do indeed measure 36 inches.

Thanks for the help chaps, I appreciate it.
@Shilo66 I’ll send a PM. Sorry for not doing so earlier.

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