Mad4One 36” frame coming soon!

Looking on the positive… It does mean we have a big warehouse to play in. I have been unicycling in it and juggling. I also have a couple of oversized penny farthing projects laid out on the floor at the moment.

It would be better though if we did have stock for everyone.


I’ve currently got a 26" freewheel in a 36" frame and it looks OK, but I’ve ridden with a guy before who used to have a 20" and 36" wheel and he’d swap them around in his 36" frame. That did look a little silly.

I’m looking forward to giving this older one I’ve got in the post a go.

Well I did buy some stuff from you the yesterday, so I am getting what I can. I am putting together a little pink and black 20" uni with parts I ordered from UDC :uk:, UDC :de: and URC (M4O) :it:

Ha… yeah I can imagine. But it is fun that everything is largely standard (and I include 100mm bearing pitch in that, meaning I think this is the right move for Nimbus 36").

With a bigger 36" frame you can do more on a budget. Well at least to some extent (yes not perfect for numerous reasons not just related to looks) but I suspect many could get by with one frame and switch out wheelsets. Though of course it gets more silly the more extreme you go. Also who wants to just “get by”.

On unicycle selling page on Facebook they are 36” rims for sale. Very reasonable priced.
Here’s the link

Just a quick note that anyone outside of the UK requesting to join that group will be declined - it’s a rule we’re pretty strict on to keep things simple for sellers. You can still obviously message people directly though if you’re really keen on having something shipped internationally.

The seller in question here has also stated UK postage only, but it’s also now here on the forums:

are you kidding me? who wouldn’t want their frame named (pause for effect) The Sonic Bang


I presume sonic boom was the intended rather than bang. Not sure that makes it better or worse, just my initial thought when reading this. In English at least I have never heard anyone say sonic bang before.

P.S. That all said, in the grand scheme of things the name does not matter. I am sure everyone will just call it the M4O 36" frame. I know I will.

I think I’ll have to start calling my muni frame the Sonic Pop. Not quite as impressive as a bang.


The 36" wheel is big… so to get the right spoke angle and spoke spacing you need a wider hub. This makes a massive difference to wheel strength and frame rigidly. We were only discussing this with a rim manufacturer yesterday. They are extremely concerned with putting 36" rims on 100mm wide hubs and even more so if it has an internal disc. Nimbus does not intend to move it’s unicycle production over to the weaker alternative. The Nimbus 100mm wide frame is for a specific market of riders wanting to fit schlumpf hubs in to a 36" frame and the market demand.


Kris Holm (!) has this configuration

Qu-Ax has this configuration

I was a little surprised to see this comment by @rogeratunicycledotcom. Even if 125mm is stronger, I thought a 100mm hub was working good for these two manufacturers. Is it because it’s a weaker rim in question?

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These are just facts. The maths is easy to work out and it transposes into reality when you actually compare the products. This is not to say that the QuAx or KH frames are weak, they are not, it is just that the configuration of the wheel makes it a weaker system.


Because no other hubs were available when he designed his unicycles? Which have very little evolved since the beginning.

I have a 32" Nimbus 125mm hub and a 36" QUaX 100mm with internal disc. Ok, not the same wheel size, but it’s amazing how the 36" feels “rubbery” compared to the stiff 32. It’s not a scientific comparison, just my feeling.


KH36 was developed years after the Nimbus 36". Kris made the decision to the same hub as his other unicycles. With out a disc it is well within the tolerance for modern wheels with strong rims. Although it is interesting that mountain bikes have been widening their wheel geometry recently.

There has been quite a bit of development in the 36" market over the years… when you look at a 36" unicycle from 20 years ago, it is considerable different.

The solution is to have strong (and relatively heavy rims). The current unicycles with the narrow systems do not have a strength problem like the old Coker unicycles. The conversation with the rim factory was about making the rim lighter and this is where they expressed their concern with the narrower systems.


Ok, this makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting. In that case, perhaps I will buy some spirit cranks

So if I read this correctly. If I am planning to build a 36" with 100mm bearing pitch (which I am because I just bought the new M4O frame), it would still be preferable to do it KH style and have the outboard braking system with Spirit cranks. This should at least be stronger (from a wheel perspective) to having inboard disk.

Side note. I am now wondering if you are planning your own cranks, similar to the Spirit ones to use with your new frame. Though I can understand if you skip over and do not want to comment on this question. :wink:

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Would be interesting, what @MAD4ONE has to say about there decision concerning the 100 mm wide hub and about internal vs external brake system.

I wanted the goblin and tornado stickers from but the shipping costs are 20£. And now with the brixit in effect I will have to but from Germany hence forth. Too bad, I think.

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Could be worse, than buying from Germany. :wink:

Of course. Generally it’s fine. But uk has got somethings de dont have.
The shadow handle bars e.g.

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