36" Tire Wanted

My 36" Nightrider tire has turned its last revolution. Does anyone that upgraded to the new lighter tire or tube have a serviceable old tire they would sell me? I also could use a 36" tube. I’m currently using a 29" tube.
I’m located in Washington State, USA

Jim, I have an old heavy nightrider that I just took off in favor of the light version

It is an excellent riding tire just too heavy for my style of riding. You’re a better judge of how many miles it would still have on it. its not wore out by any means. It does show its age with the typical surface cracking that old tires sometime show

I never considered selling it as it’s just hanging in my garage as a spare but if you want it we could probably make a deal on it

I’ll post some pictures of it here in a couple hours

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The two close up sidewall pics are of the same area. I am just pinching it to open the cracks in one photo and the tire is relaxed in the other

I’m not worried about the cracking. Sent PM

Why are you not worried about the cracking? I have the same tire type and it also shows this cracking. I don’t know if I should be concerned about it or not. No issues with it, just a little worried that it might eventually fail there. Maybe it’s not an issue?

I’ve seen people use duct tape to strengthen those weaker areas (on the inside of the tire that is.).
Not sure how that would hold up on a uni, but on bikes it can be done to extend the lifetime a little longer (although I personally prefer to replace the tire if it has cracks like that, because it will also lose grip due to the hardened rubber).

I wouldn’t worry about reduced grip on a 36er except maybe with a Wheel TA tyre (longitudinal ribs) in mud. And that’s not a compound issue.

You get tons of traction just from having all of your weight on one wheel, and your unlikely to be doing anything extreme like trials on a 36er.

Because based on my experience cracking of the rubber does not effect the strength of the tire. The strength is in the cordage and I have never had a tire fail due to cracking. Sometimes they do look bad though.

Just an update, I got the tire from @WeaponizedBacon and have put several hundred mile on it. For now I do not need another tire.

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