Seatpost suggestions.

I need a new seatpost (and I want a new seat). I’ve managed to break my seatpost on my KH '04 trials again. In the same spot. I would appreciate any recommendations on a seatpost that would take the heat. I pull up fairly hard when I jump.

thompson wont break

Koxx one has a solid looking re-enforced seat post that I think is the same size as the kh, and if guys like yoggi are riding on it and not breaking them I’d guess they are strong.

Its probably no tompson but then again you wont need a rail adaptor.

I’m not sure if the one and the the devil use the same post, but the devil is infamous for bending easily, to the extent that it’s suggested you swap the post as soon as you buy the uni by UDC uk. I don’t know if anyone is still making reinforced posts on this site with a web between the post and the top plate, search for it, there were a couple of people with differernt designs who seemed happy to make them for people a while back. Or just improve your technique of course.

While reading this thread last night I had an idea. How about custom adapter plate for the KH bicycle style seatpost that allows you to adjust the angle of the seat without the need for rails. Rails are undesirable for a trials uni because the create a finger trap. But even on a trials uni it is nice to have adjustability for the seat angle.

The standard welded unicycle style seatposts are also not holding up to hard use. They break at the weld. The aluminum versions are cracking at the seat plate mount.

A custom adapter plate for the KH seatpost would solve those problems. Make the adapter out of steel so it would be strong and wouldn’t suffer the cracking problem that the aluminum plates have. The KH seatpost is strong so it should avoid the bending problems. You get the best of both worlds and keep the weight reasonable at the same time. No more rail, adjustable angle, a strong seatpost, and reasonable in weight.

Then I took a look at UK and saw this: Seat Post - Suspension Adaptation. Same general idea. So the idea isn’t new.

The new and improved KH adapter concept:


nice idea. It would kinda mess up my support using the brake post, but it looks a lot simpler, which is an advantage.

Seats need to come with stronger bases. This would solve SO many problems…

Here’s a drawing that better shows what parts would be new and what parts are the original seatpost parts. The red bit is the new steel adapter plate.

The tricky part is figuring out how to efficiently manufacture something like that. And to make it reinforced and strong enough in the right areas so it doesn’t break. I’m just the idea man. I haven’t done any engineering on the idea.

A very similar adapter could be made for the Thomson seatpost.


Or better yet, get the Wallis DeRail CF seat. It comes with adapters that fits a Thompson seat post or a primo rod seat post. The little adapter thing for fitting a Thompson seat post looks liek the same size as the KH, and if not, Scott can probably make one to work with that if desired (though if you’re going to go high end like this, go with the Thompson).

Yes, the Scott Wallis CF seat is the top of the line. I just don’t see it likely to come stock on a KH muni. The idea here is that the adapter works with a standard KH seat and could come stock on the KH unicycles instead of the rail adapter.

Maybe Kris is already thinking of this. I’m just throwing the idea out.