Schlumpf 2022 Build Questions

Wow they are both impressive innovations! Maybe something to consider for my flikflok

Thanks for your reply and input.

I do get that a good wheel build is key to any wheel running true.

I guess I’m still wondering if those aiming for a Braus 36” Schlumpf if they’d prefer:

A) A brand new OldSkool hub (2015 version) with BrakeFast adapter- which gives slightly better spoke angles (I think)


B) 2022/23 32h 100mm hub laced directly to the Braus rim - with slightly narrower flange measurements and possibly weaker spoke angles.

I guess it could be much of a muchness - and the BrakeFast is an additional component being bolted into the mix which isn’t as secure has a new hubs drilled at 32h natively.

My second guess is - BrakeFast now solely serves the purpose of upgrading older hubs to use discs so people can still make sure of them - but that is would never be classed as “better” than the new 32h 2022/23 100mm hubs.


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Choice B seems better to me. At least for the argument of the assembly and disassembly of the brakefast which is tedious. You have to consider that the maintenance of the hub is necessary at some point, at which point you have to disassemble the BF.

About the spoke tension, I’m waiting to see… I hope it’s not so bad… :thinking:

Indeed, I planned to mount a 36" braus rim with the new schlumpf hub (disc and 32h).
At first, I thought to mount this hub with a 29" rim, but I revised my plans with the delay of delivery of the new hubs.


I am planning to mount a 36" Braus rim on a new hub. We’ll see how it works - and I hope spokes will break less often than with a BrakeFast!