Running errands on a Uni

I thought it would be nice to know about unicyclists using their Uni’s to run errands :slight_smile:

Today I used my uni to go to a friends house to collect a jar of home produced honey. 10 mile round trip on my KH29 schlumpf :sunglasses:

I use my 36er to deliver eggs, but sometimes I use my 29er or KH20 if it’s really windy or icy.
Sometimes I use the 29er or KH20 with a wheel barrow for various things, and I also use the 29er or 36er to check on livestock or to round up sheep, or for other farm-related jobs. :sunglasses:

Hmm, uni + wheelbarrow. . . isn’t that a bicycle? :thinking:

How many eggs do you brake???

Ask a bicyclist and see what they think. :smiley:

I sometimes use the uni at the end of the work day, when I have to circle our building and lock the gates. And on more rare occasion, when picking up or dropping off cars at the (relatively) nearby auto shop, I use the uni instead of another person and vehicle.

I ride my unicycle around on campus, then before I could drive I would ride it to my friends house and to where ever my little heart wanted to go!

In town, less than 20lbs, almost always on the 29 er. Grocery errands, Library books, DMV, post office, bank, store, all are fair game on the unicycle. Anything over about 20lbs though is no longer much fun. When you have a bag with 2 gallons of milk, a couple of two liter sodas, and other stuff it always wants to fall out of the bag, and I have to hold it first one way then another before my arm muscles cramp up. No fun with heavy loads. I’m always around town in the 29 er. After about 9:30 at night I take the dogs out, pit bull mix first then the german shephard. I leash them both and use a valve stem light on the end of the chain at the harness. As they go down the street everyone sees a blinkie blinkie yellow light. They get 3 - 6 mile walk/runs. The other hand has a supposed 3000 lumen flashlight, don’t know if it is that bright but it is brighter than some car headlights and the policemen’s lights.

I am riding to school :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, all around close to the house and back anf forth to the store for small items. Made one just for that!

roaduni3 002.jpg

All the time. Granted most of my errands can be completed in 5 km or less. I commute too, so it’s just an added stop on the way. The bigger challenge is more the volume. The backpack can only carry so much, although I have carried grocery bags in my hands on the way home (err… you’ll get a lot of comments then).

Regularly do the school run on the uni (I’ve used the expression enough on here, but don’t know if that translates? I mean picking up my son from school - he’s usually on a bike). Also went and picked up from the Chinese take-away which is about half a mile away - came back holding the bag in my hand, something I’d not dream of doing on a bike. Unis definitely have an advantage over bikes in terms of having hands free - and also with being lighter and more compact and far less likely to be stolen.

Been riding my 36er three miles to school and back (keep it in a teacher’s classroom) every day since October :smiley: …Except for one, when it was 3 degrees outside. Told my parents the night before that if it was below 5, I’d let them drive me. Didn’t expect it to be…

Also been riding it to my Boy Scout meetings every Monday night, and out to the set of the film I’m working on on the weekends!

Most common errand is the ATM run. Last time I stayed on the uni for the transaction. Also commonly use it to drop the car off with the mechanic and ride home. Occasionally for small shopping runs but I don’t like to bring it into stores too much and won’t leave it outside alone.

Clipless pedals?

My uni is my ONLY form of transportation. As a result, I’ve pushed a fully stocked shopping cart home, I’ve pushed lawn mowers to mow people’s lawns, I ride to school every day with it, I carry packages home from the post office with it, and I’ve even used it to carry two other unicycles to a different place for other people to practice on them. Lots of mounting and dismounting in this close-knit community.

I totally missed that feature of it :astonished:

I use the uni to commute to work every day. Does that count?

Glass bottles

When I was young I was asked to take a couple of bottles of milk to my parents work. At the time I rode a BMX and went no hands almost everywhere, maybe it was the unicyclist in me trying to burst out???

It was only about 500 meters from our house and down hill so jumped on my BMX and as soon as I was rolling I went no hands with a glass bottle of milk in each hand. I then realised the error of my ways as the way I was holding the bottle I couldnt reach the brake without dropping one of the bottles. All the way I tried to get a finger on to the brake but failed and ran straight in to a wall smashing both bottles and landing on the ground with some pretty bad cuts :frowning:

Moral of this: Should have been on a unicycle!!!

Sure does, especially if you carry something :slight_smile:

Or learnt to juggle?

Lobbybopster are you saying you made that Uni? That’s incredible! I’ve not seen one with suspension like that before