Running errands on a Uni

Bringing books from and to the library. Occasionally.

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I’ve broken eggs whilst using my bike but never on the unicycle… yet… :roll_eyes:

Or just put one under your arm to free up a hand :wink:

Yup… hindsight is good :slight_smile:

Today I took my G29 shopping, round trip of 9 miles :slight_smile: … great on the way there, but on the way back as was wondering why I live at the top of a hill???

Sure I do. For instance my laptop computer in a backpack. Plus some documents, cell phone, and some other odds.

Ah not just me then - my round trip into the nearest town to shop is about 6 miles, but like you I live at the top of a hill. Though the only time I’ve done it so far (from home - I’ve done it a few times by driving down to the bottom of the hill to where it’s easy to park at the end of a nice easy bike path), I didn’t buy enough to make riding home too difficult. The climb up is gentle enough to be well within my capabilities on a 26 muni - I also discovered that I’m actually faster going up than down on that sort of hill!

Yeah some hills are like that… not mine though, there is a very steep section on it where my heart comes pretty close to max… especialy with a few kilos of shopping on my back :astonished:

I do everything on my uni, except when I must walk with my wife, like when going out to dinner. When that happens, we inevitably encounter someone who says: I didn’t know you could walk!":slight_smile:

The other day I was coming back from the grocery store with 4 bags of groceries, gallon of milk, bananas, jars of sweet pickle slices for veggieburgers, etc, on my Coker, with GalaTheDog on leash.

As I passed a lady smoking a cigarette, she said to me: dangerous.

How does one manage to mount a unicycle with both hands full of stuff, such as multiple bags?


I love running errands on my 36er. I’ll even skip picking something up when I’m driving home just so I can ride out and get it later.

My favorite was unicycling to the DMV photo place for my license renewal. I was all sweaty with bad helmet hair for my license photo.

Unicycles totally blow away any other way I’ve found to walk one or two dogs on-leash - just the perfect pace.

I remember one time when I was walking along a sidewalk and something just felt strange. Then I realized I was seeing the world from a perspective a few inches lower than normal.


I often get a similar feeling, but for me it’s more like “walking is so boring!” an I realize it’s because I’d rather be on a uni.

A couple of weeks ago I got the uni out to ride to the local pub (for my son’s birthday dinner), as at the time it was a lot less painful than walking! Sadly since then the physio advised me not to ride the uni, though I think I have the green light again after today :smiley:

I like to ride during lunch at work!

Change of thinking

Running errands has made me think differently about uni riding :smiley:

Instead of only just going out to ride my unis… I am using them to get me places :slight_smile:

Using them this way is rapidly improving my riding :sunglasses:

Indeed, I ride to the shops to get the odd thing that we run out of, I like being able to carry it into the store.

Dealing with kerbs crossings and hills all helps get your skill up, riding to a place is more fun than riding up and down the street as well as you have a goal :slight_smile:

There are lots of options. Under the right circumstances I can free mount by also holding the seat front with a hand I am also holding grocery bags in.

Or I can place all 4 bags in one hand momentarily to mount, then shift two to the other hand.

I can even use the building to assist the mount, as I’ve gotten older and weaker.:o

It also helps that there are curb cuts at every intersection in the city, wheel chair access makes for easy uni access:) esp when carrying a load.

Personally I freemount no-hands, so can just use one holding a bag to position the seat in the right place, but then take the hand off before mounting. Was a bit unsure the first time I tried this, but freemounting wasn’t a problem at all.

The other day I carried 5 bags of groceries AND a 5 liter mini keg of Newcastle home on my wheel