Round Crown Aluminum Fat frame (Prototype)

Hello everyone!

A little intro about me for the ones who never heard of me… I’m 19, I’m currently taking welding classes, I’m almost done now, I have 2 months left before I get my diploma! I’ve always had some crazy plans for unicycles I’d like to make and everything, I finaly have the skills to do it.

So, I’ve been planning/working on this project for quite a while now, I had trouble getting the material I needed and I still dont have exactly what I wanted but I thought it’d try it anyway. I must say, it looks quite similar to the Mad4One frames, beleive it or not, I had my drawings done before the M41 came out! Anyway, fatty frame, aluminum (7005-T6), Schlumpf compatible, the next one(s) will have a disk brake tab also, I couldn’t fit one on mine because the bend at the bottom of the frame is too pronounced so the disk wouldn’t fit anyway. This model is standing at 665 grams (including bearing holders and bolts), just a few grams under a KH29 frame.

I haven’t ridden it yet, it still has to go in the oven for 10 hours before I do anything on it. I’ll test it out in the next weeks and see if anything needs to be modified!

I will post more pictures once the second one is done :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Great !
Did you add some heat treatment after welding ?

Your Question seems to be answered:

Wow that thing looks awesome! I hope it rides as well as it looks.
Congratulations on building it yourself.

I love it! Looks fantastic! (What hub are you using? Also, it’s a little hard to tell from the picture, what size wheel and tire are those?)

Thanks everyone! I’ll have a review on it next week probably!

I’m using a normal ISIS 36h hub. I could make a frame to fit a Nimbus 125mm spaced hub too. That’s a Surly Nate 4" tire, fits a 26" rim, but the outside diameter is more like 29/30"

Wow, what a beast!

Just remember all of us when your fat frames start selling like crazy and you get rich and famous. :o

wow that looks great! have you weighed it, and if so, is it less/more then a kH frame of the same size?


Thanks, I learned a new english word !

I’m amazed at what you are doing at 19 years of age. I find it inspiring and wish you all the best. I hope you are successful in all your endeavours. Can’t wait to see the final product and read the reports about its performance.


Jakob that is very cool. It looks great with the DIY Reeder handle.

So what are your plans for after you graduate? Are you going to go into welding, or is this a side thing? If the welds are anywhere near as good as they look I’m sure you have a future in welding if you want it.

Quality Work with Flair

I agree nicely done, and looks like quality work with some flair. And she looks like a true offroad beast! WOW… Does he or she have name?

How long have you had the wheel built waiting for the frame to show it off? Love it, want one!:slight_smile:

Well thanks alot :slight_smile: I’m different than most people at my age, I dont have a car, I dont even have my license! I dont have a cell phone, I’m not doing drugs or anything (not saying everyone does, it’s the case in my class though). I’m concentrating on fun projects like that. My final project at school is a FatBike instead of the usual trailer :smiley:

Right now I have the Reeder Handle, the custom made semi-flat CF seatbase, drilled cranks and the frame. I want to be able to make all the parts myself for at least one unicycle. The big problem is spokes, tire and rim… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I plan on having the summer off, not working or having classes. I’ll spend my summer well for Unicon and a trip at a friend’s place in Europe. At first I wanted to go in the cycling industry as a frame builder, I kinda changed my mind because if I do so, I wont make unicycles at home anymore. I will probably end up using my spare time to work on fun projects like unicycle parts and bikes and work in a welding shop. I still dont know where I want to go yet, I’ll let the time decide haha!

Actually, the reason why I have no close-up pictures is because I dont like how the welds look. They are for sure strong welds, but I have done much better in look. I had the nicest Tig welds in my class, on aluminum and steel. The second one will be nicer :slight_smile:

No name, I just call it the fatty :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been riding the wheel for a long time on my steel frame, I made a steel frame last year when I started my welding class. It looked like crap, it wasn’t straight, but it was holding!

Nice job Jakob, it always makes me happy to see someone build something cool. IMO that frame looks better then a surly conundrum. Are you planning on painting it?

I’ll keep mine raw as it looks pretty cool with the yellow/orange combo and it’s open to modifications anytime :slight_smile: If it’s good enough to sell I might find a color for them, and I’d need to find a good painted/Powder coater.

But the welds are what we want to see.

That is very cool – congrats!

(In addition to building custom unicycle frames, you also do some very impressive custom millwork, if your door/frame are any indication.)

Great work Jakob. It looks fantastic.

I’ve ridden a Surly Fat bike and loved the ride (through the snow) Would love to try one of those tires on a uni.

Keep us informed of your progress on this project and any others that you might have on the go.