rolling hop tutorial

here it is, theres really not much to it.
sorry I couldn’t say more, and there is no sound because i figured it would only be distracting, and annoying if you watch it several times.

something I didn’t mention in the tutorial is the whole throwing your arm in the air, I noticed that my video clips of me doing 3-4 feet gaps have little arm movement. It gradually changed to the almost full extension I do now.

I think thats it. if you have any questions feel free to ask, I will try to help you w/ them.

practice is a major player as well, but it also helps to daydream about it and its specifics (I know I know…)

I can rolling hop about 6 Inches.

i forgot… its for distance, not ups.

i can rolling up about 6 inches too, and maybe about 3-4 feet long.

Yeah… that’s what I was talking about.

So, if you’re jumping onto a curb or something. How can you calculate, so you get the perfect crank position for a jump? Do you get the feeling for it when trying?

wellll… if you are on a 20" and you can jump over 5’ and up a curb it is never a problem because that is how far your cranks turn in one revolution
other than that you get the feel for it eventually.

If you’re gonna try a rolling hop, what’s wrong with lining up your cranks first then backing the uni up to your start point? I usually ride up to the launch point, get my cranks right with a setup hop or two, then ride backwards a ways, then haul ass toward the launch point.:smiley:

I haven’t tried your method, it sounds good. I’ll try it as soon as I learn to go backwards:D
Oh, Im on a 24"

So how do you rolling hop for height?

when it comes to distance hopping I think a 24 is much better

that looks lame!
haha, JK
thats what I do most of the time, but I left it to people to decide wheter to do that or not. I have a friend that absolutely refuses to do that.

and a 24 is much better for long hops(and crank grabs). I have jumped farther on a 24(ultraheavy qu-ax) than I ever have on my trials that I always ride.

edit: there is one problem w/ a 24 for long jumps, and that is the fact that is is SO much harder to stop it.

Well if you’re riding muni it’s way cooler to just rip it.

Like Kris Holm jumps from vertical pedals over huge ditches without even thinking about. It’s just something else to learn.

vertical pedals … no
you can get good at lining it up perfectly if you just get used to it, i can tell wheter or not its going to line up when I am about 20 feet away.

Yeah, it’s not hard to gauge a few revolutions, but after like 3-4 it gets pretty hard.

yeah, when Im flying up to a gap that I’m about to attempt, I can tell when I get about 3 1/2 pedal revs awayand if I can’t hit it, i try to turn and rolling sidehop it(usually I can’t, but im getting there w/ my sidehops)

I think a lot of muni riders can roll hop from any crank position. Its useful in muni becasue you don’t get to line everything up. is probably the best tutorial for high rolling hops.

I would’ve liked to see some bigger gaps and mentions of folding, freezing a screen to show how much you fold in a huge rolling gap, when I notice myself doing 1.80m I’m nearly in a tiregrab position.

i think that happens naturally, but thanks for the insight.

folding is a fact of life
i fold my Creepy crawler all the time on my nimbus rim.