Richmond, VA uni rides

I thought I’d start a new thread, rather than keep up the old Belle Isle one. This thread, however, can be used repeatedly whenever anyone in Richmond (or greater VA, NC, MD, DC, WV areas) wants to put together an informal spur-of-the-moment ride, whether muni, trials, touring, or just general riding around.

So, who’s up for a muni/trials ride this saturday, Dec. 2? Ryan and I were talking about Forest Hill Park. I just checked it out for the first time yesterday and it was pretty cool, very curvy single track, a rock-strewn creek, and a length of asphalt with it’s gravel foundation washed away, creating a challenging rolling trials course.

We’ll be out there 9:00am. It’s basically off Riverside Dr., across the street from the Reedy Creek parking lot (where we ate pizza last weekend). Just take the Lee Bridge south, take the right exit to Riverside Dr., and the parking lot is maybe a mile down the road.

Forest Hill Park: The trails here aren’t as easy to roll through as the Buttermilk trail that it sits next to, the ascents are much taller and the descents are much longer, but it’s an interesting mix of terrain.

The features:

-A set of switchbacks on the trail that in short order dipped across a ravine and back several times-- think halfpipe.

-A concrete pipe bridge that finishes, or starts, a section of trail? (didn’t really explore this part)

-A flight of stone steps divided into two 15 sets (approx.), a 6 set, and a 5 set.

-A severely warped lay of smooth asphalt that dips and raises bumps near 2-3 feet.

-And like every other park near the James, there are some boulders laying around.

Yeah, the half-pipe/ravine section was pretty cool, you really have to use your momentum on the descent to make it up to the switchback on the other side. Toward the back the creek is loaded with rocks. Some big gaps to be had there. There’s also several short and steep technical sections and lots of huckible boulders just waiting for a better rider than I. But my favorite part is definitely the washed out asphalt. It basically looks like a big black carpet thrown over microwave-sized rocks and left out in the rain. The rolling trials lines are endless. The city left some orange cones where the road breaks off, which probably means they won’t be fixing it anytime soon.

Hey Richmond,
Anyone up for a ride this weekend? Or this week? Muni? City terrain?

I am planning on doing a street/urban/flatland ride on the 9th and/or 10th of Dec around the capitol and all the tourist things if anyone is interested they are more than welcome to join me. I will more than likely be making pit stops along the way checking out tourist things but would dedicate at least an hour or two to just riding and doing tricks. Feel free to PM me or call me at 612-240-8786 as I’ll have my cell phone on me when I’m riding.

That would be really awesome. I can probably make it if my parents can drive me. You are probably a ton better than me but it would be really cool to ride with you. Check your PM’s.

God, I’m stupid. I’m going to California this weekend and DC the following weekend! So it is the 16th and 17th that I’ll be riding around the capitol! Sorry bout that…

I might be able to go riding with you on the 16th or 17th. Did you find a place to stay? Sorry again that my place won’t work out.


Is anyone around for a MUni ride in Richmond/CentralVA this weekend? I might go out to Belle Isle and just shoot the downhills. Otherwise, there’s a park up in Ashland that I’ve been meaning to checkout- I can pick up 2 people definitely maybe on the way if all of the unicycles will fit in the car.

Maybe Powhite Park

Powhite Park, Saturday at Noon (12/9).

Here it is Richmond.
Jahnke Road & Chippenham Parkway, 23235.

My number is 2186036, call me if you want to carpool or need a lift or also don’t know where it is, but I’ll be at the park at 12pm or as near to 12pm as is possible. Hunter, Frank, PDC, Max, Nick, Central Virginia???

Here’s better directions from

Take 95 south to 195 West\South to Powhite Parkway (Route 76) south towards Chesterfield. Take the Jahnke Rd. East exit just after crossing over the Chippenham Parkway. As you head east on Jahnke Rd., you will cross back under the Chippenham Parkway and you will see almost immediately the Powhite Park entrance (on your left across the median). Drive another 50 yards to the right at the Chippenham Medical Center and make a U turn. The park will be on your right. Follow the road back and park near the circle drive. The trailhead starts into the woods at the far end of the circule drive.

Hope to see you there.

damn ya’ll i would love to come, but im doin a downtown street/trials ride today, wish i could come.

We should start a mailing list to pass around or a phone tree; besides dropping a post on this thread, I don’t know how to specifically contact anyone about up-coming rides.


I’m catching up with Alex (Alco) for a ride around VCU later today, if anyone’s interested, my number’s under the Powhite post above.

I am planning on riding (street/flatland/urban) around Washington DC at about noon this Sat and earlier on Sunday, maybe 10am? Will ride till the sun goes down and maybe more. Of course I won’t be riding hard as I’ll be sightseeing along the way but if anyone else came out, then I’d ride hard for an hour or two. These are just guesses so your best bet would be to call me on Sat or Sunday to see where I’m at and where we should meet. I’ll aim for those times…My cell phone is 612-240-8786. Please let me know if you might be interested. I’ve had one person (maximus) say he’s interested so far. Later.


hey ya’ll if someone is willing to drive up to DC from here (richmond) then i will most definately come, but im not gonna use my own gas to get up there because i have no money.

I’ll be in Alexandria this weekend, but I know I won’t be able to get away for a ride…

Didn’t someone mention Great Falls Park up in NoVA as a good place for MUni?

I’ve never acctualy ridden at Great Falls, but I’ve hiked there many times and the trails look awesome, and very techinical in some spots. There is also lots of cross-country trails, but I’m not sure if they allow bikes on them (which would mean no unicycles by the standards of these park ranger guys). They have an overlook of the Patomac river which is pure rock which would be ABSOLUTELY INSANE for natural trials, but no bikes in that section of the park:( If anyone is interested in doing a ride there in the future let me know cause I can dig up some info on what trails we’re allowed to ride.