I’ve been member for quite a time but still don’t know the exact meaning of
Can anyone please put some light in my darkness!
Thanks in advance

Its mainly where you would ask question that are unicycle related, new tricks, new equpment, also unicycle vids get posted here. People write up their unicycling stories here. Meetings are in here, creating clubs, unicycling games.

If it has to do with unicycles and the sport, it goes here pretty much, Just conversation is for everything else, like talking about who won last nights game, what everyones favourite color, ect.

Thats pretty much how it works. is a newsgroup rather than just a forum. You can recieve it and post on it by email. Here is RSU on google groups:

Rec.Sport.Unicycle means (if you didn’t know DUH)

Recreation > Sport > Unicycling

it’s like sub headings

Sky Diving

Rec.Sport.Unicycling. Im pretty sure it means Recreational and Sport Unicycling. It is by far the most comprehensive unicycling database on the web.

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That was just what i meant.
Thanx 4 the explanation.

here is how all newsgroups work. First you have your highest level. In this case, it is recreation (REC). From there you have sub groups, in this case, sport and then sub sub groups, in this case unicycling. Here is another example: comp.sys.mac.apps.

AndyC strikes again!

The unicycling discussion forum has evolved over the years. It started as a mailing list. Then a Usenet newsgroup ( was created. The mailing list and newsgroup were tied together through a gateway so that posts to the mailing list would be forwarded to the newsgroup, and vice versa. Then Gilby added the web based forum at The forum here ties in with the Usenet group. Messages posted at get forwarded to the Usenet newsgroup and also to the mailing list, and vice versa. People still read and post to the Usenet newsgroup, but it happens that 99% of the posts now are from the forum.

A basic description of newsgroups is here (Wikipedia). Newsgroup names are hierarchical, so the name means that the newsgroup is in the main REC (for recreation) group, further divided into the SPORT hierarchy, and finally UNICYCLING.

So there you have it. We’re still posting to Usenet here at even though it doesn’t look like it.

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What was that all about?
I’ve got my answer, the only thing I wanted to know was the meaning of And didn’t mean to get all those “heavy” conclusions of why and whynot this had evolved to this actual situation/state.

so is just another convenient siteto read rsu? gilby has nothing todo with the creation or anything?

Gilby did not create, or the mailing list that came before that. But he did create the community, and all the other forums besides

Also he did not create, but its original creator, Beirne Konarski (who also did not create the newsgroup/mailing list) turned it over to him some years ago.


hey, so if you went to a diff. website to read/post in rsu, could someone like chuck norris or someone like that post? since there only blocked from

Well you did ask for the exact meaning of :wink:
Learning a little history about the community is a good thing.


gkmac wrote:

> Does anyone still use USENET?

Yeah. And what about it?

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On Wed, 7 Jun 2006 16:18:49 -0500, john_childs wrote:

>99% of the posts now are from the forum.

From :

“By the end of 2005, about 97.5% of all posts originated from the
forum, and if anything, the percentage is still rising.”

Looking at the picture on that website, I doubt that the percentage is
up to 99% already, we’ll have to wait till Jan 2007 to know. But it’s
close indeed.

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Then I’m glad it wasn’t me who went through the trouble of giving a comprehensive, thoughtful answer to your question. Remind me not to bother next time you ask a question.

I was just taking a WAG and pulling a number out of the air. It’s an accident if it happens to be close to the correct number.

I need to get my news reader setup again. I moved and now have a new ISP. I haven’t bothered yet to figure out what they have for Usenet access.