Quote of the day (from non-riders)

Two completely divergent comments today, while demonstrating some fairly big drops off of a lifeguard tower in Long Beach. A reporter from a local paper has been meeting with me for interviews, as well as watching me do a little riding. Also, he wanted to get some comments from people watching. So I climb up to this tower, about 6’ up, and I’m about to jump off. (Ended up doing the drop twice)

An old guy in a motor home sees me and says, “You’re only young once, so go for it!” I said I was 52, and he said “Holy S##t, I thought you were 18!”. Well, that more than made my day, and a bit later, the reporter interviewed him a bit, and he also called me a “1 percenter”, which he explained was his guess as to how many ppl my age do stuff like that!

After that, another two people-one a jogger, and his friend on her mtb-both who work in an ER. The guy went on to lecture me for a good 20 minutes, but in a nice way, about the dangers of what I was doing, but his friend thought it was cool. The writeup will likely include the choice quotes of all three people. :smiley:

I got my first clown related comment today. It was from a youngin so it’s all good. He asked if I was training to be a clown. I know the novelty will wear off eventually but for now I’m having so much fun.

today i was riding and was in a suit i bought from the op-shop(cost me a dollar)looking rather swanky in my suit the usual wheres your other wheel.i dont no why but i started lecturing about the global financial crisis and how i had to half my stock ,the guy was like oooooo and just mumbled it was funny.

Stick with the fun.
It never goes away.

Went for a ride today, after 12 miles I stopped and bought a cup of coffee. Back at the trail, I hesitated to mount the Nimbus 36 with full hot cup of coffee. Luckily for me a biker stopped and offered to hold the cup while I mounted. The coffee went well with the next 4 miles on the rail trail.

SURPRISE! Turns out the T7 handle has a built in cup holder! Life is good. (I’ll get a picture and post on the T7 review thread.)

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Just a link to the thread with the picture of the T7 cup holder.

I got a curious comment from a most charming individual the other day. “Oi d***head, why are you riding that gypo-cycle?” gypo is short for gypsie. I’m not sure what was wrong with the guy, but I’ll give him points for originality.


It’s approaching summer down-under, & the warm weather brings the tourists to Manly…

I got my first negative comments.

1 X “Wanker”

2 X “wonder what would happen if I put a stick in his spokes”

Plenty of positive comments though.

While passing a couple of women in the park today, one said, “Six-pack abs, no doubt.”

(Don’t have 'em, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.)

I went for a ride around a dam here on Saturday afternoon and passed an old couple… The man said ‘look dear, a penny farthing’…i just smiled and thought to myself ‘yeah, thats right, a penny farthing… you d0ucebag’

hahahahahahaha, thats hilarious!:D:D:D

Considering the unicycle developed from the penny farthing, that was one of the better-informed incorrect comments you’ll ever hear.

To respond with d0uchebag is a bit harsh.

Yeah, i know that… it just hit me as a bit of a shock as noone had ever said that before.
I didnt respond with it out loud… it was a mental thought;)

Just after passing a couple walking the other way my girlfriend (cycling behind me) heard the woman say “Wow, he makes that look easy”. :smiley:

How little she knows!

now that I look back on it… Nothing’s funnier than being followed by a tone deaf homeless dude trying to hum the circus tune, lol. At the time I was somewhat annoyed. He then proceeded to try to bum cigarettes, and then caught himself and said “oh I guess you probably don’t smoke, so you can stay healthy and keep doing that” to which I responded there were other reasons I didn’t smoke. He asked why and I said I just prefer to stay healthy so I can enjoy my life to the fullest, and not end up w/ cancer some day. It appeared this was not a concept that had occurred to him, lol

Whilst unicycling around an area favoured by elderly people to walk their dogs i had one (a man not a dog :wink: ) come up to me. He said that seeing me had made his day.

I know this wasnt a witty comment but it made my day knowing that i had made someone elses day. God i love unicycling

A couple on the same theme recently.

On one commute last week, a bicyclist passed me saying “you punks and your fixed gears.”

Today another passed me saying, “dude, you’re so much cooler than all those fixies.”

To both I had the same reply: “just getting rid of the parts you don’t need!”

One bicyclist in a group of three said “Keep fighting the good fight” as I rode past them.

There is a school near my house that I ride at often because of urban obstcles and things. Seems like whenever I go there I get a “hey look its the unicycle man!” or a “look,he’s riding on a unicycle” and one time I got a “hey daddy,he’s riding a bike with one wheel!” from all of the kids on the playgrounds Haha.they all just make me laugh.