QuAx King George 36er Tyre??

Does anyone know anything further on the 36er tyre?


I saw 1 prototype end of last October and weighted it at 1690g so basically a little bit lighter than the last Nimbus Nightrider batch and the Vee

Looks like a different tread on the TA-Light casing.

Does anyone know the significance of the EaEaEa tread pattern? I wish they would have picked something else that gave the tire a purpose, maybe a more aggressive off-road tread pattern?

Looking at the left side it looks like 36 36 36…

If its lighter I like it. My Coker with “Coker” written all over it handles well offroads. It was just friggen heavy though.

Ah now I see it. That makes way more sense than Ea Ea Ea… I would still rather just see a simple open block pattern to give a decent off-road option when the Vee Todd tires run out.

I found out that qu-ax only have their German page active. English link get a 404 response. http://www.qu-ax.com/de/detail/index/sArticle/553/sCategory/52

Attached photos shows Google translate -

Not hugely detailed. Suggests it’s a kind of all rounder, but not too sure how those “36” tread patterns will be in real use. Tempted to try something different.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating… Or in this case riding.

If a tread pattern consists of words, that’s a sign to me that priorities were in the wrong place. It looks gimicky, even if it does work. The coker tread tire just really throws me off. I’m not sure why this is a thing with 36er tires specifically.

My immediate thought is that I’m more interested in the lighter-weight TA tyre, but I’m willing to test it, especially if it works any better off-road than the TA while still being a mostly-road tyre! :smiley:

That was my first 36er tire, I didnt know the better! It rode fine to me, quieter than the nightrider :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps if you knew a bit about the original non-skid…

Hey, no kidding. No wonder I said they felt thick like car tires, way overkill for a unicycle tire!:smiley: Because of it’s heavyness you get a nice rolling momentum though,
but nah, Im not going back:p

Oops my previous statement was referring to the Coker tire. If this QuAx is lighter I’d definitely give it a try.

odd, and hideous : P

Hideous name, should’ve at least shorten it to KG.

I didn’t know about the Firestone non-skid tire, that makes Coker’s non-skid tire make so much sense considering their main business is making retro car tires. I have never ridden one or been on a ride with someone riding one but I don’t really mind the look of the non-skid. The angled wording would give lots of bite edges. The new “36” tread on the King George? Not so much.

I see no need for this tire.

I pretty much agree, but judging by the pictures the tread isn’t very deep anyway so might actually be OK for road/dry XC. I’m going to see if i can find out the dimensions - I’d be willing to try it if it were as skinny as it looks in the pictures :smiley:


36"x2 1/4 - 52-787 ETRTO-size - found on the Qu-Ax website Here

Boo, I want a 2"!

I hadn’t considered the Coker connection. Yes, their “Coker” tread may have been paying direct homage to that old Firestone tire. Which is probably from 100 years ago, meaning that it does not take into account the last 100 years of learning about how to make better, more functional treads.

That said, we’re using it to ride unicycles. We’re not going real fast, it’s not getting real hot, etc. It might work just fine. The design looks like it takes a pretty logical-looking tread pattern, and styles it up to look like 36s. Probably sacrificing some function, but only compared to the few other 36" tires that are available, which means it will probably be one of the best ones you can get! :slight_smile:

why can’t a newly develloped 36" tire be more in the 800 grams range :thinking:
My stitched together Racing Ralph is 800 grams and it rides like a dream:p

Because they are building to a price point with the facilities that are available to them.

I didn’t know you had a stitched together a 36 RR. Mine was slightly lighter at 760g. It is great loosing 1000g of mass rotating. Imagine how expensive a 36" tire would be if Schwalbe built one. :astonished:

Not to get off topic but how long have you been riding your 36" RR? I don’t think any of my sewn together tires have lasted more than 1000 km though I did purposely do things like ride super low or high pressures to test their durability. I do miss my wide and light 36x2.4 RR.