QU-AX Q-Axle 29 Disc white

Hi there

This is my new 29er. I love it :smiley:

The dealer told me that this is the first of its kind in Switzerland :smiley:

QX Q-Axle 28 29 Disc 1.JPG

Very nice, Rubberduck!
There was a discussion on the forum about this new model a couple weeks ago. Can you tell us how long the cranks are, and if there was a choice of lengths when you bought it?
What type of riding do you mostly do with it?

Hi LanceB

First, I am riding unicycle for about 12 weeks now. So I do have a lot to learn :smiley:

So for now I am riding mostly on tarmac roads and easy / smooth paths, with little uphill and down hill. Nothing complicated.

The cranks have a length of about 150mm, and there was no choice…

It will make a great muni when you get a little more riding experience!

Sweet!! As I commented in the other thread, curious as to the options offered concerning crank length, but otherwise it looks great!! I’ve been thinking about adding a 29 to my 24 and 36… so curious what you think.

If you ever make it over to Munich/Bavaria/Tirol then drop me a line!

Somehow the hub got destroyed. It seems that the red part moved somehow. Now the frame, cranks and of course the hubs are damaged. The hole thing moved to one side. During riding. I had some cracking noise, then at one moment this happened…
I am a unicycle beginner. I have to unicycles, 24" and 29". Both of them had problems. And both from QU-AX. Hope the guys will help me. It is quite new, and I am riding not that hard to destroy a unicycle. I am riding since 4 Month now…

Here some pics. My heard is bleeding, this 29" was a gift from my wife…






Measure from the edge of the red hub to the end of the axle on each side to see if the bearings have just moved, or if the axle has slipped in the red hub and is no longer centered.
I would guess if the axle has moved through the hub it would be a warranty issue. ?? Not sure how the hub is constructed…

Sounds like a bearing may have moved because of a missing spacer. The bearing to bearing measurement will rule this out (or not).

If they forgot a spacer, I am sure the shop you ordered from will send you some.

From the pics, it seems like the damage is limited to the frame because of the crank rub. And if the hub IS damaged, it will be covered by the warranty.

It is never nice to experience, but the future isn’t that bleak… :slight_smile:

Does not look unusable. I too would be very upset and want some help, but in the worst case I think it can be made to be 100% useable again.

Good luck

Damn, I hope everyone above is right and this isn’t a big issue! :frowning: QX trying to do their own thing with a potentially better uni hub and this happens… Not a good sign :frowning:

First, I like the QU-AX products very much, they have nice looking ones and also with this new hub not mainstrem design.
last time I had an similar problem they changed the whole wheel. So great service, no question. so I hope the same kind of help for this issue.

I measured a bit. The bearings sit on a 24mm diameter, fitted to a 27mm shoulder, no space between, so the bearings seem to be on the right place. But the axle where the bearings sit has moved through the whole red part. that can seen by eyes, no measurement needed.
With spacers between cranks and bearings AND bearings and red part this would not happend. But I think spacers where not intended to be used. But I might be wrong.

I observed also a cracking noise during riding, only on the right side, and if I apply enough force by hand I can hear and feel the crack on the right side. But there ise no obvious play.

I would like to point out that I posted this here to give feedback to you guys. Not to harm or bad talk about QU-AX. They made with this new design a real sexy looking product. And it is brand new, so such things can happen, not cool, but as I am as well from this mechanic industry I totaly understand that this can happen…

I will come back to you with news…

The scraping of the bearing housing by the crank arm is purely cosmetic, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Spacers on the outside of the frame would have prevented this. You may want to consider adding them. The bearings are press-fit onto the axle, and aren’t supposed to move, but sometimes they do, as you see.
Good luck!

It may not be relevant, but did you apply the brake just before this happened? Perhaps it set something in motion that was supposed to be fixed…

hope you solve it, it looks like a real nice unicycle

Yeah, Qu-Ax are great (and a REALLY great price) :smiley: Both my 29er and 36er are Qu-Ax and I’ve never had any issues outside of obvious things like pedal bearings :smiley:

I think the issue is that this is a brand new hub design. Yours was probably one of the first off the shelf, so I wouldn’t expect it to be 100% perfect in every way. That being said, I would’ve hoped they would’ve tested it a bit better before selling them! Hopefully at the very least they’ll take the feedback and improve the next batch.

There should be spacers on both the inside and outside of the bearings, this maintains spacing for the frame. The crank should fit snug against the outside spacer. Based on the look of your frame, there was no outside spacer, so the beairng shifted on the spindle.

So, here some more information about your questions and remarks:

  1. I did not apply the brake when this happened
  2. The bearings did not move on the axle. They are where they have to be. What moved is the red aluminum part on the axle.

But I am not 100% sure how the hub is assembled. I will of course not disassemble it.

I will see my dealer in some days. I guess he will send the wheel back to QU-AX.

Just one thing I would like to say because of new “developed” products. This hub system is for unicycling quite new. And I think the guys at QU-AX have tested what they could. But it is always a bit a risk when buying a complete new product. Even in the automotive industry this happens you get a product with problems. This is normal and happens. Not cool, but if you want to get products which are affordable, this is the way it goes…

So we will see what QU-AX tells me…

I saw that coming, UDC had a few issues with their Disk hub when it had the aluminum flanges pressed on the steel spindle. The reason why some Kris Holm hubs are so creaky.

Please let us know what happens! I’m really interested to read more about the Q-axle. I had my first look at it today! It looks really nice, I’m just hoping this is not a bad move for unicycling.

I am sure QU-AX will improve, if necessary. But maybe I got a “bad” hub, that can happen…

cant wait to get back my 29er …

I was at my dealer. He replaced me the whole wheel, this means everything except tyre and tube. All brand new out of the box! And, additionally, I got a new fork! My dealer (not sure if I am allowed to post his name) and QU-AX, many, many thanks for your outstanding support!!!

QU-AX will take back the wheel and analyze it. Then I will get feedback.

As soon as I have assembled my new joy-ride you get pics and a short report…

But first the snow has to melt! Here around Zürich no way to ride, at least for me as beginner… 30cm and more is too much ARRRRRGH

Always nice to hear about good customer service. Thanks for sharing that. Also congratulations on being peaceful during this ordeal.