New Qu-Ax Q-axle Disk 36" - any info?

I just spotted this on

Does anyone have any idea as to this kind of setup’s hub strength?


Haven’t used it, but it sounds strong enough.
I wonder about the benefit of yet another crank/axle interface system. I agree that the square taper and ISIS systems are not perfect, but at least one can swap cranks around within them. I wonder if Qu-ax is planning on providing a range of crank lengths to go with this new design.

It’s about time unicycles joined the biking world, ISIS is a PITA, too many variables introduced by wear. This is also a possible solution for schlumpfs.

It looks like the splines are straight vs taper, there appears to be a spacer to prevent bearing creep, but with those straight splines there is only friction to keep the cranks/bearing from moving due to lateral forces.

I guess if it works for bikes…

As Lance pointed out, there are a few standards already, so I’d be curious to know which spline pattern these hubs matche, ie Shimano, Redlione, etc…

According to this french blog, the cranks are available in 136, 145 mm and they might plan 125 mm and double inserts.

Le blogue du monocycle

is this part of the war against Isis?

Sorry had to say it:)

They match the Shimano splines.

I like ISIS. It works well, it’s still a standard in lots of bike companies (Sram, RaceFace, all the trials biking world). I’ve seen and ridden that interface on bikes. So far, it wears out faster and easier than ISIS. We’ll see how it goes for road, I dont see this going on munis though. Way too much force on our munis to ride this IMO.

I like the fact that we can choose from a huge variety of cranks. If like the cycling industry all the brands pick up new interface, we’ll be stuck always choosing from one brand.

That’s what I think for now, we’ll see how well it goes after a few reviews!

By the way, if no one noticed, Qu-ax finaly switched to something else than 48 spokes. Too bad they haven’t gone 32h!

I like the weight of the hub The oracle hub on my 700c looks like a prime swap candidate if short, lightweight cranks get released.

Im interested to see how this goes and would like to see both short term impressions and longer term reviews. That being said, it is sad that we are getting a diversification of standards again with Impact frames and both QuAx and Mad4one hubs.

Okay, it matches Shimano I’ll give you that.

I don’t know why we are so enamored with ISIS. I don’t have any problem with it on unicycles, and it really suits us fine. All of the problems on bikes had to do with the lousy bottom bracket bearings that they had to use. That said, I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with the new QuAx interface. I suspect it will be as strong, and possibly better wearing than ISIS.

As for shimano cranks wearing faster, I’m not convinced. I have had to reset the cranks on newer Shimano bikes due to mis installation. It seems that people want to use the preload screw to secure the cranks. What I’m finding is that the pinch bolts aren’t tight enough, or that they are unevenly tight (meaning that they weren’t tightened alternately to develop clamping pressure), and that the preload screws are cranked down tighter than you could do it with the plastic Shimano tool. This could easily lead to wearing out the splines prematurely, but it is also easy to avoid. I would like to see evidence that the current Shimano cranks are wearing out.

As a proud Qu-Ax 29er owner, I definately want to hi-5 them for that decision. 48 spokes on a 29er is already SUPER heavy, can’t imagine what it’d be like on a 36er. Yeah, my wheel is solid as a rock and runs as true as the day I got it out the box… but that’d probably be the case if it didn’t have so many spokes too.

As for the new crank interface… I guess as long as you like their cranks, it doesn’t matter, but eh, I sort of like the interoperability we have now :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like they are offering this axle on their 29" munis as well.

I would be curious to see if people have any experience with this hub, I’m looking at possiblly getting a 29" or similar pretty soon.

On my mountain bikes I’ve been really happy with the switch away from ISIS and had no problems (no crank wear problems easier), and changing is way easier.

So it’s the “same” as Shimano’s 24mm system:: Does that mean you can put Shimano cranks on it? I mean, that’ll only be 170, 175 and maybe 165, but at least that some other possibility. Following this line, that would mean you can take 2 left-side cranks of a Shimano system and use them?? (I’ve got one or two 175s lying around I think). Or does that not work for some reason?

But the new 29 does look pretty good!
2nd Question: anyone know the max. tire width clearance of the frame? (not looking to put anything massive like a Fatty/Surly, but maybe the widest “normal” 29er tire from the MTB world)

That would also mean installing two left pedals and allways loosing the right one. No good idea.

Its the same frame as in the regular QX models. Don’t know the exact size, but how wide would be “the widest normal 29er tire from the MTB world”? 2.4 as the Maxxis Ardent? Thats no problem for sure.

Here is mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, forgot that little detail…

For Muni, the 150/145’s are probably pretty good, so maybe it’s not a big deal? Of course, if you ride the road, then you’ll likely want something shorter (but for me, I have my 36er with 127/150 sprits). And for technical Muni maybe longer? (I just got pair of 170s for my 36er Nimbus Oracle that I’m going to try on the trail soon). But would really be a shame to not be able to easily try out different crank lengths… if they’re solid rather than hollow and pretty straight, then I guess you could do a self-drill for a shorter option around 120/125 (I’ve only read about it here in the forums).

Qu-Ax will make other crank lengths including dual hole. Just wait for them, they will come.

I’m not convinced that this axle interface will take hold in unicycling due to the large number of trials, flatland and street riders who like to do rolls.
Maybe I’m wrong though and we’re getting to the point where there are going to be unicycles designed with one riding discipline in mind, like you can get road bikes and mountain bikes with completely different components.

Regarding Schlumpf hubs - if the axle is the same diameter all the way through, that might make an already tight fit of gears even tighter. Unless the Schlumpf hub body is enlarged to match.