QU-AX Q-Axle 29 Disc white

First ride with new wheel and fork. Now the wheel is centered in the fork. No noise so far. It is great, awesome!!!

Only point, the white color is a bit different than the old fork and the 24", it is a bit more yellow / beige. But that is really no thing.

Now I hope the noises stay away. The screws on the cranks were not tightened, as well as on the old one… I tightened them with 12Nm, according Shimano crank installation document
I posted it allready here

In 3 weeks dual cranks in 145/125 and 136/110 mm lenght will be available for the Q-axle system.

is there any chance that a Q-Axle/hollowtech 2 version of the lightweights will eventually emerge?

sorry, but i have no idea about this … maybe you just ask them

What would be be the maximum tire width for this frame? Would it take a 2.7er or even a 3.0er?

The Surly surely doesn’t fit:)

Which tyre exactly do you mean? As far as I know the only 29x3.0 ist the Surly Knard and Surly Dirt Wizard, which I guess has as well 3.0 wideness.
I don’t think it will fit. But zack28 seems to know it…

I was thinking of the knard when speaking of 3.0 and of the dirt wizard when speaking of 2.7.
I’m planing to take this frame for my next build and want to use the Maxxis Minion DHF 29x2.5. (think this one will fit … (or not?) :thinking: ). Hoping that the 2.5 Minion on the 47mm KH rim will have nearly as much volume as my 3.0 Duro on my 38mm Qu-Ax rim. But it would be nice to have the option to go bigger …

The Dirt Wizard should be around 72mm wide on the KH rim

I was talking about the Knard 29x3.0 as well, but are you sure there is a Dirt Wizard 29 x2.7?
Anyway, according to ‘wendino’ the problem with the QX frames is not the width, but the length, so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting the Minion.

Ah ok, only the 26er Dirt Wizard is 2.75, the 29er is 3.0.

There’s the Bontrager Chupacabra.

Oh, thanks for the information! But it seems to be a very new tyre…

I thought so, that the Dirt Wizard is 29x3.0. It seems to have huge knobs. When rolling on tarmac you will feel like on gravel :smiley:

But it is not yet available, quite new tyre I guess…

This Bontrager Chupacabra which Alice Arctan mentioned, also interesting…

Here’s another one - this is turning into a fatty-thread :astonished:


Are the q axles developing any problems after long term use.

That is my question too: is the 29er frame can fit a 3.0 tire ??

It will have to be user feedback as I have a hard time to find any frame measurements to compare to KH ones for example.

Thanks in advance for any positive/negative feedback :slight_smile:

I use this frame now with a 27.5" wheel and Schlumpf hub. My rim is 40mm wide. With the 3" tire (Specialized Purgatory Control) I had a little bit of rubbing when cranking hard. The wheel had to be centered in the frame pretty perfect to not rub too much. Now I have a 2.8" tire (Schwalbe nobby nic APX) and it’s perfect.

Thanks Eric for the feedback.

So this frame is nice but you need to be conservative with the tire then (maybe the Dirt Wizzard would be rubbing a bit…)

My 27.5+ came with a WTB Bridger 3.0 tire, and it fits fine. The QU-AX website says it comes with a WTB Ranger 2.8 now, but I’d be surprised if the frame had changed. Do they even sell a 29" muni anymore?

Yes. I think, the 29" frame is less wide than the frame of the 27.5+

The frame shall still be the same. They might have just swapped the tire for better performance.

Yes, they do. But they discontinued the 26ers.