QR bearing holders

Koxx makes one in the Rail Hunter. I saw a prototype 24 w/ magura mounts almost a year ago but now I don’t see it on the Koxx site.

Anybody know if this or a similar design is coming for 24"+ from other manufacturers? Or dose Koxx have a patent on it?

I’d like to get a Muni w/ QR bearing caps and disc brake mounts on the frame. (Prob harder to put the mount on the cap)

Not a quick release, more of a one bolt tightening system.

Looks neat, wouldn’t mind seeing something like that on a KH/Nimbus Oracle, esp because the aluminum threads wear fast, so the steel would make the frames more durable over time.

That design would make a QR easier to add as part of the design or to modify to fit that frame…

True! Anyone that use it does it stay tight

I’m suprised no manufacturer has used bolts and nuts on an alu frame to save on thread wear. I’ve never had a problem with wear mind but having a hexagonal cutout (frame side) on the bearing cup to slip in a hex nut (so it won’t spin) would fix any issues people are having.

If it does strip u could drill it out a bit, w/ a longer bolt (so it turns freely), plus a nut. I did that on my learner after it stripped.

Or if it strips you can helicoil it pretty easily. My old steel frame had a nut and bolt, threaded holes are much better

Also threaded bolts look nicer

helicoiling is probably just about the perfect solution - you get the steel threads which would have been ideal in the first place.

How long does a frame last I can get a year tops in most casrs

Sounds a bit short to me if no defects. For Al I’ve heard up to two years if ridden hard. Week spot is usually just above the crown, several have gotten theirs rewelded. Never heard of steel Nimbus’ braking.

Any other news of QR bearing holders on the grapevine?

Roumors of a impact… but I have killed 1 Kh 20 frame 1 bent nimbus 26 and a cracked kh26

The Nimbus could be straightened and the others possibly rewelded. Might as well reinforce while at it if you take either route.

Only break I’ve seen on KH frames is the neck breaking off the crown. If u still have them take the pieces to a welder and have him put them back together. Newer KH frames are reinforced, 2011+ I think.
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the 20is welded and the nimbus is straightened