Post your broken Uni parts here..

I think it would be kinda cool to see all the broken uniparts instead of all these new fancy uni’s…:stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll start:

broken seatpost(it was my brothers, but I broke it while practicing crankflips)

and a broken pedal;)

Great breaks, nice photo skills.

This unicycle was in the trunk of a car that caught fire as a result of a wreck. (No human beings were injured.)

To be on topic, notice the broken right crank.

burnt uni.jpg

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the frame looks reuseable at least, and the rim damn

Picture worth 1000 words


Wow…1962. I didn’t know they had X-rays back then.


im pretty sure thats his birthday. :smiley:

If it is you have the same birthday as me (not year just day)

Ah…yes. Right.

Let’s see some more broken uni parts.

(I’m figuring that you don’t want to see my stripped or bent cranks. Otherwise, I might post. :p)

Wow, Legtod, Looks like you got the clavicle surgery I probably should have gotten. The X-ray below is from five months after the break. Essentially it’s the “after” shot. Bone filled in around the break to connect the pieces, but it’ll never be the same again…

(Trivia for legtod2: You have my wife’s birth date and my birth year. Also, the people you listed as your inspiration in life have the same last names as the two “friendly rival” families that hosted the first several USA National Unicycle Meets. The Pontiac Unicycle Club (Crandall), 1973 and 75, and the Paul Fox Unicycle Club (Ohio), 1974, 76, 77.)

For unicycles, I couldn’t find any broken parts shots (of my own) but here’s a shot of my Excessory Cycle, from when I took it apart a few years ago. Yes, all those parts make one, really well-equipped, unicycle. The parts are still residing in a box in the garage. I’ll really have to restore the bits and put that thing together one day…


But going with that interpretation makes Mr. Foss quite a young chap.

The Koxx-one frame I broke while doing a 180 down of a curb after 1 year and 2 days of use. Now I got copper (I dont know if it’s the good word but I think it is) wraped around the two broken parts, but I dont use it.

haha… looks quite funny… how much weight did that save… haha…:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! I dont know, but I can only ride it if I dont put weight on the seat, witch is pretty hard in Trials.

How do you break a seat post like that?!

This happens all the time for street riders. In street people do tons of crankflip tricks. While doing them we pull up on the handle with huge amounts of force; When pulling the force goes to the seat post mostly though, not the seat (our seats still break though). Over time it weakens the front of the seatpost; then it snaps off…

I will be posting here soon as a “1 year of broken parts from my KH unicycle.”

Thats crazy


that sucks


Hey! Since I also what to write:D:D:D
Yesterday I broke my first seatpost.
And since a long time already this pedal