Official SI over a bar, High jump record?

The thread seems to be about High Jumps, which means over a bar. That’s a really high wall the bike guy is getting onto. In the first shot there’s nothing wrong with the camera, it’s just a too-slow shutter speed for handheld shooting, AKA camera shake.

Check out this picture of my broken collar bone in this thread. Are you saying I don’t know what I’m doing? I was riding in a straight line. Flat pavement did that. It wasn’t a high jump, of course, but your statement is slightly idiotic.

However I agree with you on the “million different races” thing. Those are a holdover from the old days, when 24" was the biggest common wheel size. I’ve been trying to get people interested in track racing on faster unicycles (700c), but so far there isn’t much interest in making it more mainstream…