Official SI over a bar, High jump record?

Oh. Sorry: The street is between his knees.
Uh, are you sure about that? :smiley: :smiley:

But seriously, from the picture it looks like a High Jump competition though it could have been part of a Street competition. If you meant his low seat is the preference of Street riders, yeah I’m aware of that. I just doubt he could get very high without such a low seat. If he didn’t change it for a track race I’d call it “slow”. :slight_smile:

If SIF is the obvious way to get the best height, why have competitions for seat in? But those events could be added; they just need the time and people to run them. I think the next event to be added in that area should be a Side Hop (jumping onto something), because it will result in higher numbers than a High Jump. We just like High and Long Jump because they have regular track & field counterparts. They’re not necessarily the best ways to do it with unicycles.

Or landing on something solid? I’ve only seen scratches and torn shirts from the stanchions, but worse injuries are possible. But messed-up landings of any kind (rider vs ground and/or unicycle) are probably the main danger there.

Still, Trials and Street are possibly the two most dangerous unicycle competition events, followed by X-country and Downhill MUni and unlimited road racing. Track racing has been around for much longer, and has a pretty good “track” record. In 30 years I’ve seen a few broken wrists and clavicles, a bad shoulder separation and lots of scrapes, but that’s it. 700c and Unlimited racing (36" and geared) will surely up the ante though. Unfortunately, kneepads and gloves only protect from superficial injuries. Wristguards can save your wrists, but there’s no good way to protect a clavicle (aside from keeping shoelaces tight!)…

Yip, I was implying its a street uni/street riders preferance :slight_smile: Its not slow for races either, you’ll notice how fast I ride upto big gaps some day.

Bah, its only dangerous if you don’t know what your doing.

SIF is obviously the best way, but there should be competitions for both. Just like theres a million diffrent kinds of races.

For a moment I thought everyone was talking about seat-in sidehops, not rolling hops!

Joe’s got over 100 something cm a while ago for sidehops seat-in. I don’t know about rolling, most trials riders don’t really need it if their sidehop is good.

Shitty quality (the guy’s camera was scrambled), but use Benito as your inspiration if you want to think about going big…

Well over 2 metres… with shorter run up than a uni’s rolling hop, and without hitting the bashguard or pedals. Totally UCI hook.

SI side over a bar?!?!

The thread seems to be about High Jumps, which means over a bar. That’s a really high wall the bike guy is getting onto. In the first shot there’s nothing wrong with the camera, it’s just a too-slow shutter speed for handheld shooting, AKA camera shake.

Check out this picture of my broken collar bone in this thread. Are you saying I don’t know what I’m doing? I was riding in a straight line. Flat pavement did that. It wasn’t a high jump, of course, but your statement is slightly idiotic.

However I agree with you on the “million different races” thing. Those are a holdover from the old days, when 24" was the biggest common wheel size. I’ve been trying to get people interested in track racing on faster unicycles (700c), but so far there isn’t much interest in making it more mainstream…

Nasty, good to see you come back to riding after something like that. But, dude… I don’t want to be mean or anything but, think before you post.
Thats a little unfair, if you were just riding flat, then its fair to say that you can break your collar bone doing any sort of unicycling, not just high jump. So your post is out of context.

Accidents happen all the time, I can be riding on flat ground, straight line, casual ride, then BAM!!! I’m on the floor.

Why does this happen? Because we’re not focusing…

You think when someone is riding upto a high jump bar at full speed that they arn’t focusing? Accidents can still happen, but when your in the right state of mind, its not likely.

(Someone please agree with me!!! lol)

Exactly. You stand corrected. :slight_smile:

I was focusing just fine. Sometimes things go wrong. That’s why I wear a helmet when riding down the street. Some idiot in a car might not be focusing, for instance, which could mean a lot to me.

Being in the right state of mind helps a lot, but doesn’t make you invulnerable. Some of the worst accidents happen from things outside of our control. When Ken Looi broke his leg in Laos, it wasn’t due to a lack of focus. In that case it was equipment failure. In my crash, it was a loose shoelace (I don’t let that happen anymore!). In a high jump, the unicycle can also break, for instance, which could lead to a broken ankle or other injury.

You’re only 17. You live in a “less dangerous” world because you simply haven’t experienced as many “accidental situations” as you are likely to as the years go by. Though today’s easy access to all-things-video can help; images of nasty accidents are always at your fingertips with an Internet connection! But it’s still not the same as seeing, or experiencing, such things yourself.

We learn from our mistakes, too. Though “shoelace failures” were extremely rare for me, I learned that with high speed Cokering they are no longer acceptable even every once in a while. Also, as you alluded to, it was a little challenging going back to high speed riding after that, especially as it wasn’t going to heal very well. Problem was, I was training for Ride The Lobster so I was kind if forced “back onto the horse”. I think I would have been willing to ride a tiny bit faster had I not had that one crash…

Please keep this argument within the possibilties of a high jump competition.
Loose shoelace = your fault. There are no speeding cars going through a high jump course and people don’t high jump on cokers.

Still, your comment was out of context. I see what your trying to say though, guessing your one of those people that think you should wear a helmet doing absolutely anything on a unicycle right?

If so, theres no point arguing with you.

I live in a less dangerous world? Lol I’m a street rider, John.

I basically was. A loose shoelace can still get you in a rolling jump. :slight_smile:
And yes, it’s your fault if it happens, but the point was, that’s a separate element than good focus and state of mind.

No. I’ve covered that in some of the helmet threads, but this thread is about high jump so I think helmets are a good idea for that.

If you aren’t wearing a helmet and shin protection, yes you’re in a less dangerous world. I hope you get what I mean by that, dood.

I don’t get what your saying by that, foss. Wouldn’t I be in a more dangerous world wearing less protection?

All I’m saying is I don’t think helmets are nessesary. Theres nothing to hit my head on!? My oppinion.

I’ll take one last stab at this. For those of us wearing more protection, we’re the ones living in a more dangerous world. Your world is less dangerous, therefore you don’t need as much protection.

Nothing to hit your head on? Do you have, like antigravity or something? Aside from tree branches, the only thing I’ve ever whacked my helmet against was the ground. It’s really hard to get away from for long. Afterall, that’s what the High Jump is all about! :slight_smile:

I almost never wear protection, that dosn’t mean your style of riding is more dangerous. Watch my street vids then decide whos more dangerous. I’ve broken enough bones to know that protection is nessesary, but that was a long time ago, I’m more experianced and careful now. I’m an extremely cautious rider tho, thats why I don’t hit my head or shin myself (when im focused and in the right state of mind) I know I’m taking the risk tho. I know that I should be wearing a helmet when throwing tricks down 7 foot drops and grinding 16stair handrails, but I choose not to, but this isn’t about my street riding.

Now, hands up, people who have hit their head in a high jump competition.


I hit my head doing high jump at home.You hit your head doing high jump over a tennis net (proof in one of your vids)

Hate you Michael. Tennis nets are diffrent though.

You don’t mean you hit your head on the net, do you? I’m guessing it was the ground. The ground is always there, in one form or another…

Lol what the hell? I hit my head on the ground because unlike a high jump bar, the net stays there and pushes you into the ground.

When I said theres nothing to hit your head on, of course I didn’t mean it isn’t possible to hit your head on the ground. The ground is always there, dosn’t mean I’m going to wear a helmet when I’m walking down the street though.

All I ment was, the chance of hitting your head on the ground in a flatland competition (highjump) is so unlikely that riders should be able to choose whether or not to wear protective gear. Kids, sure. But riders that are jumping 90cm+ should have enough control to not let this happen.

I’d also like to point out that when Mike hit his head trying high jump, he hit his head on a near by obstacle, not the ground heh.

Please stick to the topic, which is High Jump.

In a Flatland competition there is no High Jump apparatus. Not allowed. Also no helmets rule. High Jump involves an apparatus (which may or may not be well-designed, strong or wide), plus jumping up high. Helmets are required. If you’re good at it, no worries. You wear a helmet anyway to keep it even with everyone else. You’re still not accepting the fact that anyone can have a bad landing though.

Do you wear seat belts when you’re in a car? Only when certain people are driving or all the time? Why?

So whats the record?


Sorry I had to. :roll_eyes:

Joe Hodges did a 1 meter sidehop SI at uniconxiv