Official SI over a bar, High jump record?

Just wondering what it is. I know I set a new NZ record but I didn’t think twice about the possibilities of it actually being a world record.

So, 97cm, anyone gotten higher? (officialy)

(Recorded at the 09 UniNats in Australia)

I don’t know of any official records that track where the seat is. I’ll take some research, but you might be able to determine who had seats in or out in other official competitions (by digging up photos), and get their heights from that.

High Jump is jumping over a bar and riding away, in case you were thinking of something else.

I know all the personal preferances of all the pro riders :slight_smile:

Not sure… Don’t think that anyone made that OFFICIALY!

But I know that Krisz jumps REALLY high, for sure more than one meter… Don’t know over the bar…

Maybe Max C., but he isn’t a really good high jumper…

Anyway, congrats, that HIGH!

Yeah Krizs has the highest unofficial record, but its onto pellets.

that must have been a heckuva lot of pellets…

But anyway, that’s crazy high! Nice job!

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

How the hell do you get 1meter plus without tucking?

I think unicon needs a SI and SIF comp… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this could be the 97 cm jump
Amazing. Period.

That’s nuts…

does arthur caron and kelly hickman jumping SI realy high??
And don’t forget THE JOE HODGES;)

Sweet pic ^.^ I’m stealing that.

Kelly jumped around 97cm at naucc, sif. Arthur does both. Don’t know about Joe.

From my experience, sidehops SI can be just as high as SIF if the seat is low enough. But I’m far from being an experienced trials rider.

Maybe rolling hop vs sidehop comp?

Lower the seat?

Notice the guy in the picture above has is legs straightened most of the way, and the seat is between his knees…

I’m sorry Chris, but this can’t be accepted as a new world record, since you were not wearing your helmet, gloves and shin guards. :slight_smile:

I am guessing this was a seat in rolling hop ? I consider seat in static and rolling to be two really different things in term of technique.

I think rolling seat in front (like Gaby Costes) is the way to go. You can tuck well and still have a lot of momentum from the run up. The best of both worlds !

Nice hop and congrats !


omg thats amazing! how is that possible

you jump off the ground

i think 106cm or 108cm is the record for seat in but i don’t know whether that was onto or over something.

helmet + pads=your choice, you can’t bar someone from having a record like this, with almost 0 danger involved because they weren’t wearing a suit of armor.

Actually, High Jump is probably the most dangerous of all the track & field events in IUF competition. Track & field is basically everything on the track, plus Obstacle Course, Slow races and High & Long Jump. In the High Jump there are to noticeable danger areas; you could fall onto the stanchions and, depending on their design, get impaled or injured by that. Also if a landing goes wrong, the rider can be injured then.

For an IUF record to be set/broken, it would have to be done under competition conditions, which means wearing the required gear. For other forms of record those requirements may be different. Any IUF records that currently exist were set wearing “suits of armor” though I think the addition of a helmet requirement is pretty recent.

Not much point considering the top 3 high jumpers in the world ride SIF. Its obvious which is better.

Its called street :smiley:

Lol good one hugo.

Protective grear = weighs you down.

Seat in rolling hop, of course. I think in the future at unicon there will be a seat in rolling hop, seat in static and seat in front static high jump comp. (hopefully) Its obvious the best way to get a high hop is seat in front sidehops (as proven by the 3 best high jumpers in the world, joe fabian and max).

Heh, thanks man.
I’m pretty sure the previous seat in record for over a bar was set by fredrik at unicon for 95cm.

I don’t think its dangerous at all. But maybe thats just because I’m a street rider and the only way high jump would be dangerous is if I was jumping over something solid.

Races are far more dangerous, there were a few tumbles at uninats and I must say, those people were very lucky to be wearing knee pads.