Post your broken Uni parts here..

yeah, I had some trouble to remove the spokes and put them on because of the bent flange, but I used the KH in the flange to take them off. I think that’s why there’s the KH there, it’s to remove the spokes when the flange are bent because of that:p

EDIT: Haha, it’s funny to read the last part.

Broken Axle

Ouch, That stopped me!

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How that happend?

Aren’t the 08 and 09 rim the same?

no, definitely not. 09 has oval holes and offset spokes

before and after shots of my broken KH frame, had it re welded around the circle, and two small gussets added, $50 from a guy who works on motocross stuff.

i’m going to paint it a different color tho, so i don’t have to repaint the whole uni, haha.

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no… that’s the difference from 07 to 08…

oh, i doubt there is a difference then.

I can’t see any… I’ve got the 08 and my brother the 09 and I don’t se any difference…

How’d that happen?

220 LBs. (Me) on a 12 Inch drop. Pretty pathetic!

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The difference is the pin in the seat post, that is it.
(and 26")

and the oval holes are way smaller

we are only talking about the rims…:stuck_out_tongue:

some one post more broken uni pics :astonished:

Broken KH frame… and seatposts…

Today I broke my KH frame, I saddly had to do it by myself because it was cracked since a long time ago, about a month or so, and I broke my last seatpost 2 days ago. So while I wait for my new seatposts I will have my frame rewelded!:smiley: Anyway, I also have my only three broken seatposts, I’m gonna have my Forged one rewelded at the same time as my frame, I’ll see how long it can last.

gutted dude


OMG??? how the f*ck did you do that??

How did you do that? It must have taken a good effort to brake it…lol
NIce manakin is well

thx for the comments :stuck_out_tongue:
isn’t very spectacular… :wink: I just broke it piece by piece