Progress sine breaking my foot

It has been 4 weeks and 5 days since breaking my foot while riding my 26" Oracle. I had my first follow up appointment with x-rays yesterday to see how things are going. I am told that I am progressing well, although I was disappointed to see that 2 of the 3 bones still look broken to me. I am assured that there is healing going on that the x-rays can’t reveal. I get to come out of my big boot Saturday for short periods to walk around the house in shoes. August 30 is the date for me to be able to resume normal activities as tolerated. I originally highlighted this date on my calendar for my return to unicycling, but I’m re-thinking this. I think I’m going to end up being way more conservative than I would have ever expected. This is really quite a strange place for me to inhabit. Really, I hate it. I have never been afraid to engage in any sports until now. :frowning: But, I have never had a debilitating injury until now. It really sucks to realize for the first time that one is not invincible.

Anyway, once I feel ready, I am going to start on my 20" uni in the tennis courts and running track. I think I’m going to stick to those for a while before venturing back out into the real world. And, now I’m even wondering if maybe I should trade in my 26" Oracle for a 24" Oracle to be a little closer to the earth, or am I just getting cold feet? At any rate, that’s where things stand right now. I have appreciated well wishes and support from many of you, and I am really looking forward to re-joining you in more than just spirit!

Good to hear, your foot is healing Sukie, but August 30th still feels like a long way away. I’m two weeks in Thailand and my Thai gf said it would be too dangerous to bring the uni to Bangkok. Now that I’ve seen traffic here, Im glad I left it at home, but still these are the first 2 weeks that I haven’t done any unicycling since I started in July 2015.

I don’t know what would be better to start with once you’re fully healed, a small or a bigger wheel. To me a bigger wheel for some simple asphalt riding seems like the safest and most comfortable thing to do.

Obviously, we don’t want you to break your foot again. I recall that, as a beginner, my foot hit the ground, on occasion, with great force and great speed. As I improved, my upds, though unexpected, were performed more gracefully. But, this only came with practice. I have the good fortune to live in a place with a lot of grassy parks and dirt trails. The nice thing about dirt is: your foot will slide, dissipating energy, when it hits the ground. The tennis court you’re thinking of practicing on seems like too hard a surface for a recovering foot. If the running track is cinder, that might be good, but rubber might cause you to jam your foot. I wouldn’t worry about trading your 26" for a 24", but I think practicing on the 20" for the time being is a good idea. Try mounting into a momentary one-footed still-stand. Start with your recovering foot on the pedal; don’t worry about getting the other foot on the other pedal; just hang it in the air for a moment, then place it (the good foot) back on the ground. Practicing difficult mounts, where you have a low probability of riding away, is good practice for getting your feet back on the ground. Find a grassy area for this. Beginners are so focused on riding distance, they frequently experience upds after having ridden past the “point of no return”. For example, when the unicycle is leaning too far forward, they have to push really hard on the forward pedal, and if they slip off at that point, that force could drive their foot violently into the ground. Trying to avoid dismounts may be more dangerous then practicing them. Good luck!

I’m glad you’re getting better. I know this whole thing really sucks, though. I don’t blame you for feeling a little apprehensive about getting back in the saddle. I think for your own mental health, you should try to get back into it, and it sounds like you have smart approach to take it easy with your 20" for a bit. You’ll know when you’re ready to do more. Stay positive, and good luck!

Happy to hear you’re getting better Sukie. I know it’s frustrating, but your foot will heal 100% soon enough.

I can kind of relate to what you’re going through since I recently overcame an injury(sprained ankle) and I couldn’t unicycle or run for a little while because of it. I injured myself while running, not while unicycling believe it or not. The healing seemed to take forever but I was back to normal within several weeks. Of course, a broken foot is much worse than what I went through.

I’m currently well beyond where I was before the injury. Prior to the injury, I could unicycle backwards for maybe 10 feet the most. Nowadays I’m doing up to 120 feet backwards. I can juggle while unicycling up and down hills so long as they aren’t too steep. This isn’t a brag, I just wanted to serve as an example of a comeback after an injury. I think you’ll soon surpass me since you definitely learned faster than I did.

The quick progress you made with the unicycle was very inspiring. I’m sure once you fully recover you will inspire some more. Take care!

Good to read that your recovery is back on track Sukie.

I think you plan is sound. Going conservative to start with is the best way to rebuild confidence. And you can only be happily surprise if things are going better than expected.

Keeping your mind on the goal will help you keep your spirit up and making efforts to properly and fully recover will pay back in full when you will ride again :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Yes, it’s a bummer, but I will be back out there before I know it. I’m glad to hear that after a break Acrobel, your skills improved, and that your injury wasn’t worse (sprains can be worse sometimes I hear). I am curious to see what happens for me when I return to the uni. I am all too aware of my tendency towards excess, despite my knowledge that rest and taking breaks are extremely important. Sometimes, some of us just have to have the break imposed upon us. It’s just as well I guess. I am not a summer time person. I have no air conditioning and I work in a very hot woodworking shop. Being on the uni with all the safety gear would be a little over the top for me in the heat of the summer. Yuck. I feel for you Bradford.

I’m glad I sat down to update my recovery the other day. I started counting the weeks up, and realized that my healthcare provider and I got our count off, so I have one more week before getting out of the boot. Boo hoo. But, that’s kind of a relief. My foot isn’t feeling quite ready for that. Most importantly, I don’t want to do anything that would delay getting back on the uni. Man I sure do miss it!

Happy riding :slight_smile:

Thanks for not calling me a weenie! :wink: I feel for YOU! No A/C? That’s tough! I hope it’s not as hot there as it is here. I once had a dorm room with no A/C about 30 miles north of Dallas, TX, and it was pure hell. We were above to the kitchen for the cafeteria, and we called our floor “Hell’s Kitchen”. We could pretty much only be in our rooms at night, and even then it was really bad. I don’t know how you sleep without A/C in the summer. I think I’d have to sleep in a tub full of cold water!

I could see it being a challenge for you having to start back in the heat of the summer not having the benefit of getting acclimated gradually. I don’t envy you that, but I’m sure you’ll find a way if you’re determined.

I’m thinking of riding at night. I used to go mountain bike riding last summer with a friend at night, and he loaned me some really bright lights that we attached to our handle bars and helmets. He got them off Amazon, and I think they could charge through USB, but I don’t remember anything else about them (brand, model, etc), aside from them not being very expensive. I may order some and give it a whirl. I’m guessing it will be harder on a muni, and there are always challenges to riding at night (safety, visibility, closed trails, etc), but that might be my best shot. I’m not having much luck disciplining myself to get up at 5:30 am, eat, and get ready to leave by dawn, which is what I’ve had to do in the past if I wanted to do anything outdoors during the summer. I’m neither a morning person nor a summer person. Doh’t!

I used to ride mountain bikes with a light. Don’t think I’ll be trying that on the uni. Be safe if you do it.

Yes, I gave in and put in a small window unit in my bedroom finally. I can’t sleep at night when it’s this hot. So. I’m officially a wimp. However, I still heat with wood in the winter, so I’m only half a wimp :slight_smile: I discovered that unicycling is a great way to heat up. The lowest temperature that I went out in when I was learning was 22 degrees in Feb. And I remember that I was burning up in 5 minutes. Can’t wait for winter!

I am still in the boot, but I have a hard medical shoe for driving the stick shift. So, I got my truck back today! Yahoo…moving forward. I can hear my unicycles calling to me:)

As a former academic achiever, at first I took the typo in your title to be the Latin word “sine” and I do hope going forward that you will progress without breaking your foot!

It sounds like you’re getting there, so try to hang on a little while longer. Just a passing thought: Have you considered any unicycle-type projects, maybe lacing up a different size wheel or building up a style of uni that you don’t have from parts? You sound like a handy and capable type person, and that might a way to stay in the game if you’re into it. There’s always a lot of interest here in projects that people take on.

Yes, I saw the typo too late. It kills me every time I see it! It’s funny that you mention projects regarding the unicycle. I have thought about ways to do a non-functional project with wood. I have some commissions that I need to get to first, but the idea has been churning. Not exactly what you were probably thinking, huh?

Not exactly sure what that would be, but no definitely not! I’m curious to see what you come up with if you do. (On the functional side, bamboo unicycles not too far back.)

Mhm I thought first you meant something like making an obstacle course with all kinds of wooden planks and logs. I have 2 left hands and couldn’t make anything like a bamboo bike, but laying logs on the floor I am capable of :smiley:

well, I’ve proven that I have two left feet:) Did you have good tri to Thailand even though you couldn’t ride? Sounds fun.

Thailand was great. 2 weeks were too short. Luckily my gf will soon visit me in Holland. She is more fun than the country :wink:

Wohoo! I’ll bet gettin’ that truck back is a big deal. It would be for me! I miss drivin’ a stick, but city drivin’ in traffic is murder with a stick, so I had to give that up years ago. Well, I’m sort of jealous! It sounds like you live like I wish I did! Stickshift truck, work with your hands/work with wood, burn wood in the winter (you actually have a winter), great off road trails, etc. I’ll bet it’s amazing in the fall there too. Lucky!!! :wink:

I do consider myself one of the lucky ones for sure. I am doing what I wanted from a pretty early age. Had to go down a wrong turn or two before figuring it out, but I finally got it :slight_smile: Now, If I can just get back to that unicycle :o

Cool! I hope you get to ride soon. I’m sure it’s so close you’re counting the hours!

My wife was in Winston-Salem a few months ago for work, and she said NC was beautiful. She really hit it off with a girl that worked for the company she was visiting, and she said everyone there was really nice. After I read your post yesterday and started thinkin’ about how pretty it is out there, I told her she should get a job with the company she visited in Winston-Salem. As luck would have it, that same girl she hit it off with is visiting my wife’s office next week, so she’s plannin’ to spend some time with her and have a chat about the job sitch over there. I can always hope! :slight_smile: I’d love to try some municycling out that way!

Nice, what does your wife do? Winston-Salem is east of us here. We have the mountains, but it is all pretty beautiful.

My wife is a chemist, and she’s currently the supervisor of a private toxicology lab. (She’s the brains part of this relationship. :slight_smile: ) The company she visited in Winston-Salem sells her company the big, expensive lab equipment they run their samples on and also does the training for the equipment.

Yeah, I figured that was east of you, and to be honest, I’d rather be in the mountains, but I’ll settle for a place that’s 1) not here, and 2) really pretty, and 3) not here (heh, heh). :slight_smile: