Progress sine breaking my foot

Yes, you’d probably end up east of here, as it will most likely has more to offer for someone with that background. Asheville is becoming a beer and food city. Anywhere but North Texas…yikes. I don’t know how y’all take the heat.

I’m getting a little down about the foot. I get to come out of the boot around the house starting Saturday. But, in all honesty, I don’t feel ready. It is still quite painful. I did start driving my truck with a medical shoe, and that ramped my pain back up. I have had to work throughout most of this injury (with the exception of week one). Despite taking great pains to do only light duty and stand only a couple hours a day, I think it has set me back a little bit in the recovery process. I thought I would be back on the unicycle 6 weeks after coming out of the boot…but even that is starting to seem unlikely. Maybe things will start feeling better once I am actually moving the foot in a more normal manner… <sigh>

Ug! Chronic “real” pain sucks. Don’t blame ya for feelin’ down. Hope you’ve got some good drugs! I also think it really sucks that you have to stay on your feet at work while you’re tryin’ to heal and in pain.

As far as North Texas, it’s not just the heat, but that’s an important part of it, especially in the summer. I just don’t really like it here. It’s not my thing, and my wife has never been in love with it either. She moved here with her family when she was 16 from Brooklyn, NY, and it was a tough transition for her, and I think she wants her winters back! :slight_smile:

You forget the nearby Sauratowns.

No way! I have lived here my whole life…how did I know about these!? Cool!


My thoughts are with you, in a very real way. Yesterday I was practicing mounting into a one-foot-still-stand and attempting to transition into one-foot-forward-riding. The pedals have become worn smooth and I slipped a lot. Then it happened. I’m not sure what happened and how it happened, but I momentarily got stuck on top of the unicycle, then fell onto the unicycle. When I fell on the unicycle, the combined weight of the unicycle and me squashed my left-big toe. So, here I am, sitting here, today, wondering if I broke my big toe. I’m in almost no pain, I have a reasonable amount of mobility in the toe; the bruising is starting to show. So, after almost 2.5 years of riding, that is the worst injury I’ve sustained so far. Not much to do about it. I can still walk (more of a shuffle) and drive my stick-shift car, but I’m not going to be riding for at least a week. I should consider myself lucky that the impact didn’t happen further up my foot; that could have been bad!

I immediately thought of you when I saw this quote:


Hey Elpueblo,

I’m really sorry to hear about your spill on the uni, but glad it wasn’t any worse. I would guess if you broke your toe, you would be in more pain, but I’m not even sure that’s true. Either way, it sucks. It seems that I remember reading that you had injured your toe once before…?

I appreciate the pic. It’s funny you posted that today. I have been getting really depressed about my injury as of late. I have never broken anything, so I had no way to know what the recovery process would be like. Sloooowww…that’s what it’s like, slow as smoke off cold shit. I’m 9 weeks and 3 days from the accident, and I am still walking with a very prominent limp. It is so much more painful right now than I thought it would still be. The longer this process is taking, the more afraid I am of getting back on my unicycle. I realize the consequences of an accident could even be much more than just a sore foot for 3 months. Yet, at the same time, I also know that I could break my foot and need surgery just from walking across my lawn (wearing a boot in the grocery store has allowed me to hear lots of stories from others who have been in the same boot, so I now know that simply getting out of bed in the morning is risky business).

Anyway, that’s all to say that I am a bit scared to get back in the saddle. So, I guess I just have to lace up and get back to it when the time is right.

I’m happy to say that I have devised a way to safely mount my Oracle in my basement so that I can at least sit and balance between a post and a stair rail. I’ve been afraid that I would forget to ride, but I can tell that it’s all there, just waiting. So, maybe in a couple more weeks, I’ll be able to report that I’ve had my first ride since the injury.

Thanks again. I have been staying connected here, I just don’t have much to contribute.

I hope you are better soon and back to riding.

That was just a toenail injury, luckily, and it didn’t stop me from riding the next day. The nail is still discolored after many months.

I’m going to use some of my free time for the next week practicing the guitar, another gratifying activity. I don’t have to use my big toe for that one!

I realize now that “Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway” … could be replaced by “Stupidity is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway”.

So, no pressure…you’ll do the right thing for yourself. Happy healing!

That’s funny, I’ve used my recovery time to practice playing my guitar too… nice.

I have been letting a friend borrow my mtn bike, and just got it back this evening. Got on it just to see how my foot would do peddling… bikes feel so foreign to me. I think I’ll stick with the uni, despite the fear!

That made me laugh my ass off! I’ve never heard that one before. Love it!

Sorry to hear that. :frowning: When my cousin broke his leg doin’ tricks on a bike years ago, he healed just fine, but his limp persisted because of muscle memory. He had to “unlearn” the limp to get rid of it. If you’re mostly pain free and still have the limp, you’ll want to talk to your orthopedic specialist, if you haven’t already, about therapy options for getting rid of the limp. You may have to unlearn it.

Also, as far as the fear goes, I hear ya. I rode a 36" for the first time this past weekend, and I was really scared. While I realize that is nothing like the fear you’re experiencing, the cure was to figure out how to ride it. At first, it was very scary, and I was ready to quit several times, but when I finally was able to ride it, I took off on it and rode it everywhere, even off road, and now I just have to have one! I went from being a little terrified of it to really loving it. I’m sure it will be the same for you after a while of being back in the saddle. It’s just getting going that will be hard, but if you have a nice healthy balance of bravery and stupidity (heh, heh), you’ll get there!

I’m also no doctor, so use your own judgement, but I’ve found that St. John’s Wort is a lifesaver for mild depression. I’m really an outdoor person at heart, and when I get shut inside for too long, I start feeling a bit depressed, and taking St. John’s Wort really helps. I take it in capsules for convenience, and I swear by it. You might give it some consideration.

I have my dad to thank for my sense of humor and totally inappropriate use of the English language at times. Here’s one that rolls off the tongue and I bet a coonskin cap full of rabbit shit that you’ve never heard it either… ok, that was it.

I don’t know how much of my limp is learned and how much is still necessary. I do a number of exercises to build strength and my foot is starting to tolerate more and more weight, but pushing off with the ball of my foot and toes when walking is still pretty dang painful. Then there’s the crazy swelling from working in a roasting hot wood shop. I have finally ordered some quite lovely compression socks. I will once again be the envy of my co-workers. Especially since I don’t need the socks on both legs.

I would say getting on a 36" for the first time would be terrifying. Good for you. I can say I have no plans to try that one out.

Hahahahaha! I’m gonna have to start usin’ that! Coonskin cap full of rabbit shit! Awesome! :wink: I don’t think I’ve heard that one before!

I guess bein’ on on that foot all day in a roastin’ hot shop ain’t helpin’ none, either. Gotta pay the bills, though, right?

I never thought I’d be riding that 36" either. I really have been incredibly critical of them for a long time, but I was too polite to refuse the offer to try, and when I realized I had an opportunity to ride with someone else and get a lot of daily exercise (something I’ve really wished for, for a while), it was hard to pass up. Never say never, right?

Two days after smashing my big toe, I’m limping around. I think some other muscles are starting to get tight from the lack of movement. So, there’s a kind of ripple effect. Maybe that’s what you’re dealing with. Combine that with some muscle atrophy in your case. I could probably ride more effectively than I can walk, currently, provided I rode with the pedals closer to the center of my foot. The problem is UPDs. That could get ugly.

Yes, there is a terrible ripple effect from any kind of foot injury. I have been very grateful that my back hasn’t gone out. I have had foot pain (non-injured foot) and hip pain from the limping around, but the back has managed to stay healthy. I also have these thoughts that I could get on the uni and just ride. But the thought of coming off is horrifying. I’m just going to wait until I’m pretty sure the foot can handle hard landings. I loaned out my mountain bike and just got it back. I hopped on it the other night to pedal around and it felt so weird to be on 2 wheels. But, I think to get my foot used to the pedal action, I’m going to start riding my dog around the park again on the mtn bike. Man I will be so happy to get back to the uni.

Bradford, I’m glad to give you a new saying for your arsenal.

So close

Well, I’m coming up on 3 months since breaking my foot. It has been a long 3 months without my unicycle. This week, I started to get a little concerned and worried because I still have so much residual pain and I’m still walking with a pronounced limp. I’m told it’s all normal. Bleh. So, this week, I decided to start riding my mountain bike (bleh again) on flat paths. It’s the first exercise that my dog, or I have had since my injury. I replaced my clipless pedals with some platform pedals to avoid any possible mishaps. I haven’t ridden a bike since learning to unicycle. Wow, what a weird feeling. I kept feeling that my saddle was too low, but it’s the length of the crank arms that is so disorienting. Anyway, it seems to be exactly what my foot needs right now, some gentle strength building. So, I am setting a goal to be back out there within the next 2 weeks. I hope I can report something positive by then!

Ok it might be a bit early then, but why not joining us at Lake Norman? We’re a bunch of casual riders - I speak for myself here. :slight_smile:

I was looking at that post yesterday…hmmm, it is tempting. But, unless I get on my uni this weekend, that seems a bit of a stretch for me. Who knows though. I’m walking pretty well for early morning. I’ll see how the week unfolds now that I’m at least on my bike.

Yahoo! I took my dog for another spin around the local park and high school this evening. Since riding, my foot has been feeling better and better, and today, I felt ready for a little trial ride on the 20" uni. After riding around on the bike for a bit to warm up, I went back to the tennis courts and gave it a shot. I couldn’t believe it… I still know how to unicycle after a 3 month break. The first trip down the courts was a little wobbly with some arm flailing action. I think that’s mostly from just being a little tentative. But, after a couple of laps, I felt pretty good. I came off 2 times in the beginning and landed a bit too firmly on my left foot, but nothing to worry about.

The invite to Lake Norman expedited my return to the unicycle a week sooner than I had planned. But in all honesty, I think it is going to be a bit too soon for trails. I think I’m just going to stick to the basics for a bit and get back on dirt/logging roads in a couple of weeks. I am so excited to get back in the saddle! :slight_smile:

Great news, congratulations!
Don’t know how far is LN from you, but even if you don’t feel like doing that trail, it could be fun just to meet!
Always fun to get together with other riders.

I’ll definitely think about it. I’ve been looking at what the drive would be. Just in case, what are the trails like? I’m going to stay off anything technical for now. Thanks


Glad you’re back in the saddle Sukie! It was heartbreaking to see someone so excited about unicycling (and who wouldn’t be?) be thrown out of commission for an extended period.