Pressure thread.

Right. I have had a good look and can’t really find the info I’m looking for.

What pressures does everyone run for what tyre and what riding? Rough person weight would proabably be helpful too (even though I don’t agree with it, we’ll keep in in pounds or else someone will complain!)

I always run my tires hard but I was wondering how soft people go. What issues have you had?

I’ll start:
My weight = 128 pounds (roughly)
Duro Wildlife 24x3 - 25psi - light Muni, a few drops no more than 2 foot
Try all 20x2.5 - 35psi - learning trials on it. I need to put the pressure down in this though.



Just type in PSI and it should come up with heaps of stuff.

Heres one I found

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Edit: Im 55kg not sure in pounds, I use monty eagle claw and run about 27psi and I ride mostly trials.

That’s about 122 pounds I think

I didn’t try looking for psi :stuck_out_tongue: I just was looking for pressure…

27psi sounds somewhere round what I’ll be riding once I let it down a bit before I go out later.

On my 29 I have set it to about 40psi as I mainly do road riding, I’d bring it down for any muniing (is that spelt right) I do though

i weigh 180, and use about 30 psi in my trials tires, which makes em pretty bouncy for me, but not enough to bottom out.

on my 26x3 i use about 22-23 psi

70kgs (don’t know pounds)
Trials about 15-20PSI
Muni about 10-15PSI
Coker about 40-55PSI

… stupid threat, everybody rides with there own pressure…
when i was a beginner I rode with a tire with something like 1 bar… now with +2 bar(pretty much) for trial(and street).
But if you want to jump like joe and mark (+130cm)… they use 3,5 bar ^^
I can’t jump with that but they do it perfect… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: srr, I didn’t read this threat very good…
I thought you were asking what pressurte is the best :stuck_out_tongue:

But I still think it is a useless threat :stuck_out_tongue:
the guys with the lowest pressure are the beginners (and the youngest ones)
and the ones with the highes pressure, the guys who jump high and weight pretty much

I am around 165 lbs. Currently running a Kenda Small Block 8 on my 29er at 80psi. Low rolling resistance and still great traction for bombing trails. I have Kenda K-Rad’s on my 20" & 24" and run them at max pressure usually (65psi).

My tyre is always underinflated. I am always just too lazy to pump it up a little more. I woudlnt be suprised if its as low as 22 psi. Just barely enough so I never bottom out. I weigh 160 pounds or so. It really is too little, but like i said, Lazy. I would say my ideal psi is around 27-30 though. I mostly do just flat and slight street stuff so.

200#, 26" muni, Duro 3", running 15 psi for single track rough terrain. I’m not much of a jumper or hopper, roll most everything. I’d take it up to 20# if I started doing more big drops (>2’) and such. No pinch flats to date.

I prefer a softer tire for traction, since I live in a rainy place. I do firm it up if it feels sluggish, but still never more than 20 psi.

Something to consider: How does one measure air pressures?
Those inexpensive gauges can vary a great deal, just saying…

I look at the amount of compression when I hop, so enough for good rebound, but not so much that I feel like I bounce off obstacles. Soft enough for traction, but not so soft that the tire feels sluggish in turns or when making quick adjustments. Hard enough to keep some speed and quickness, but not so hard that it makes the uni twitchy.

Every tire is different depending on side wal construction, tread thickess, tire profile, tread design, and tube thickness.

Yes you have. Or you haven’t looked. So here we go again…

Kudos to you for actually giving us enough information to offer you numbers! I don’t think anyone else has ever done that sufficiently in one of these threads. Still, nobody can give you the “magic number” that will be guaranteed to work for you. The variable that is perhaps the most important one is the hardest one to quantify; how hard do you land and on what? Some really big riders can land like a cat, while some little, skinny guys come down like rocks and need higher pressures to keep their rims off the ground. Add more if you’re landing on irregular surfaces.

Pretty much. But at least this one started off with enough information to be a starting point.

With my thumb and index finger. If I want to see three different numbers, I can try three different pressure gauges on my tire. Yes, most aren’t that accurate, especially at low pressures. If you’re trying to dial in the perfect 14 psi, for example, good luck. I’ve been using the two-finger method for 30 years and it’s working well so far. Sometimes I’ll also hop around a bit to see if the tire feels right. :slight_smile:

So am I really the only oddball that likes high psi?

Not quite as high as yours but,

I run about 35-40psi on my 29" which I use for xc muni.
The tyre says 35-80psi on it so i’m on the low end of that.

I dont even know my weight and at what PSI I’m riding:p I just pump my tires(for all my unis) and when it’s hard I stop pumping… Normaly I ride with high pression though.