what psi for trials?

i was just wondering what psi you guys put your tires at for trials.

15-22 psi

I use about 20 or a little higher

PSI is meaningless without your weight. I could be 60lbs and have a 15psi tire that feels rock hard.

23-25 PSI - 160lbs

I don’t do much trials but I keep mine 20-30psi usually depending on what I’m doing.

110 psi

too less…

i start with about 30 and let it out a little at a time till i like it
i’m thinking around 25-27

I weighed myself today and it sayed 211 pounds.

Psi is around 30psi.

i only weigh 135 pounds so should i have mine around 20-24 range?
thanks guys

I weigh around the same weight as you and I ride around that much so you should be fine. Just keep it where you like it and if you bottom out doing something just increase the pressure.

I ride about 25+(as in it is usually higher) to 30 psi. Usually if it is under 27 I start folding my KH rim/ Creepy Crawler janks. so yeah 130lbs