Post your Strava nickname / username here

I’ve been searching the forums for Strava and found some interesting discussions on accuracy, lobbying the Strava forum for creating a unicycle category, KOM discussion and even some Unicycle groups.
Somewhere hidden in there you find a few Strava nicknames.
In one thread it was proposed, but not in the initial post, to use it to collect nicknames but it took me quite a while before I stumbled onto it.
I also read the suggestion to add Unicycle into your Strava nickname so others can easily search for other unicyclists.

And in checking in the app I indeed find quite a few unicyclists.
But apart from Pierrox I cannot link them to other forum users.

And so I get back to the thread title:
Please post your Strava nickname here

I would love to see how many miles my fellow unicyclists make:)

I’m “Ralph op de eenwieler (Unicycle)”
The (Unicycle) added just now as I’m preparing this thread

Ldlux (unicycle)

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That’s surprising no one thought about starting this thread before! Excellent idea!

I guess I was easy to spot since I have the same name and avatar! Strava wanted a surname so I came up with one that describe what I do on that site!

I’m now following you Quax! And you’re all welcome to follow me too, especially those who only use Strava for uni. I think 90+% of the people I follow are uni(que)-centered. :smiley:

Another good place to find unicyclists are the clubs:
Kris Holm Unicycle Club
Unicycle The Earth
UCR is a great concept, it’s less followed these days for some reason.
And there’s probably more.

I’m on Strava under my real name Pierre Jean as until now I had nobody to share with. I just added (unicycle) at the end.
I use ‘outside run’ to get better calories count.

I have the same boring name I have on here, only with a space: John Foss.

Yawn. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s clever, way better than waiting for Strava to add Unicycle as a category…

Thank you for your reactions, I’m following you guys from now on :slight_smile:

I have just been editing my rides to add the Muni used but the totals do not seem to get updated.
Oh well, I didn’t have too much mileage on Strava anyway.

But now that I’m riding more frequently, in preparation for the charity event “Climbing for Life”, I should be getting some miles in.
I might have to change my personal info though, in preparation for the event I’ll probably be making more miles on-road than off-road.

On the Strava calories thing: I disregard that info as nothing compares to unicycling.

great idea,

Same as here, but with “Unicycle Only” appended as some sort of excuse for always been at the bottom of any leader board, as we are competing against bicycles.

Actually not always the bottom and that feels good.

Strava is a great way to see the sort of touring that can be done on a unicycle. I really suggest that anyone who does longer or difficult rides join up and then subscribe to one of the international unicycle “clubs” and see what people of doing.

I love Strava! This is me:

Jason Little (Unicycle)

I’m on Strava as Alain Neil (Unicycle)
It’s great to see what other unicyclists are doing! and to track our own progress.

In the next month I will test sensors, and somewhere begin of May will do some special trips.
Right now I have zero activity. AKA just “Leo Vandewoestijne”.

Time to get out and ride! :smiley: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

I read this earlier, but it didn’t register. But after doing rides, my wife is generating much higher calorie numbers on her recumbent; like double what I’m getting. But I just realized maybe she’s not getting her numbers from Strava; she may have switched to the “fitness” app on her (relatively new) Samsung Gear watch. I’ll have to check if she’s using both or some combination.

But meanwhile, I’ll try the Run setting to see…

This is probably true, but I’ll try to compare the two with similar rides.

Here’s mine :smiley:

My mileage count is a lot lower than normal due to that li’l thing we call ‘Winter’ that is only just coming to an end. I promise Summer will be fun, miles and hill-filled!


Am using Strava …recording most trips… and average around 40 -50km per week on my 36”. Be great to log as a uni ride and check out other uni folks activities. … Jimmy

I recently started using posting unicycle rides on Strava:

If that link fails, my username is Wells Willett. See you on Strava!
(If anyone lives near and wants to coordinate let me know)



My strava name is … “Terry (Unicycle) O’Leary”.
I believe this is the direct link …

I would call myself a “trail” rider, kind of a subsection of muni rider. I ride on various surfaces and go up and down hills, around curves, plow through some rocks, bumps and tree roots, and what I can’t plow through I try to ride around. It is quite fun and good exercise at the same time.

Cheers - Terry

Thank you fellow riders :slight_smile:

It is very nice to see where you’re riding and what kind equipment you are using.

Some of you got a serious tally of one wheeled miles!!!