Post your home made unicycle upgrades.


You don’t ever get spam email for shortening your “male appendage”… why would you want anything shorter?

I say make it longer.

Seriously, it depends on what you want to do with that unicycle. If you want to make it into a touring uni, then you will want to shorten it and narrow down the handlebars - the goal there is to have a handle that won’t kill you if you UPD off the front of the unicycle, but still have enough handle that you can use it to take some of the weight off of your crotch.

I give you-----
-----the Disc Brake

kay, iv’e seen that before, but cant figure summin out… is that a unicycle hub? if so how does the disk brake fit on,
or is that a normal bike hub… if so… how do the cranks attach?

attention to the home made frame covers, theyr’e lizard skin fork covers, with a length of hosepipe underneath :slight_smile: doing a brilliant job of prtecting my frame XD

Disc Hub

kay, iv’e seen that before, but cant figure summin out… is that a unicycle hub? if so how does the disk brake fit on,
or is that a normal bike hub… if so… how do the cranks attach?

I thought this thread was about home-made uni stuff?

   The entire hub is home-made to accept a disc, just like a normal ISIS bike hub. It's that simple!

Oh Yeah, Super G, Check out the suspension uni thread or CMW 2008 for many complete pictures.

Or use this seat post on another uni. I also have a 28."

The thing is…I can’t have stuff welded for free everyday, so I am wondering about the value or potential I have for it.
Yeah, I think I am with you on that. With it long, it is still safe because when you jump off because you are safely between the handlebars and the seat and still have room in between them. If shorter, the handlebars will trip you up–unless they are narrower and not as protruding outwards.
Now it is just a matter of trying to fab it that way (if I choose to do that).
Fabbing is half the fun.


OK this is how we start. Start with a cheap eBay GT LTS frame ($40/$50)Cut, cut, cut! Then lay it out. This is a little different than my 24" x 3" muni, I’m going to try a 26" street version. I’ll post again after a little tack weld and test.


Lobbybopster I had wondered how you came up with the design for your suspension uni and those few pictures explained it all,I like your thinking and hope your still dreaming things up and if possible making them real.

you lost me after the second picture XD


OK, I’m trying to explain. I’ll post the progress. but this project is to end up a roadie of this----------------------

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Home built Uni

Thanks DANGERDOG, After seeing your video I can see that my little project would benifit you quite a lot. Thats a little tamer than my trail of choice (cause I live close to it) but I also made an add on unit for several friends, that clamps on the seat post of a regular uni. The comfort extends the length of time you can ride. I tried a true suspension of the wheel but you loose all sense of feel to the ground and all controll. thats why I’m sticking with the seat post.

A picture worth a thousand words

This is my ride

That is awesome.

you got me again on the picture of it titled “lost?” lol, quite an ingeniuos design, if i was still taking my engineering course i’d have stolen the idea for myself by now :wink:

i guess your fastening the frame to the hub using those because they can fit inside they frame?

Adjustable Muni Brake Mount

This mount is versatile if not a bit overkill.

Brake Mount2.JPG


I like your use of the lever extention

What’s the weight on it? It looks pretty sweet, like what a Terminator would ride :smiley:

Weight of what?

The weight, Hmm. The 24"disc Muni is 17 lbs, the 20" trials 14 lbs, the one pictured in pieces -------------- I don’t know yet

i just noticed the 4 person bike in the background of those pictures, i guess if a unicycle is 1 person on one wheel, what is 4 people on 2? :wink:

What is! and what isn’t! But mostly what is!!!

It’ This X 2

thats crazy…can you actually ride it very far?