Post your home made unicycle upgrades.

Hi, im just wondering if you have some home made unicycle upgrades, it would be interesting to see what upgrades can we do to our unicycles at home.

Leather coat, a lot of time, and creativity = A durable saddle cover.
scrap metal, 5 minutes of hammering, 2 minutes of drilling = A easy grind plate



I threw together this seat cover to protect my nice bumpers and to add a little cushion. It was very comfortable, but didn’t protect my bumpers. And it didn’t last more than a couple hours. :smiley:

I once made a duct tape seat cover…

Bars made from an old bike frame. The shifter works the drag brake. Brake was made from parts an old mountain bike fork. Cost about $20 Canadian to build.

29er 005.jpg

Here are the brakes.

29er 003.jpg

Air seats for my munis.
Carbon fiber seat base upgrades for my munis, trials, and Coker
An experimental modified foam seat for my Coker (scroll down to the bottom of the Airseat gallery)
JC Coker Handle for my Coker

Customizing your seat is a good place to start experimenting with upgrades. Assuming that you are not happy with the available stock seats.

And then there are the upgrades that are just better quality parts like better pedals, better seatpost, etc.

This is the tiger-fur springer seat conversion I made for my chopper unicycle.


that is perhaps the most beautiful seat I’ve ever seen. Got a pattern? :q

Thats what I was going to say…I tried to make a seat cover once and it didn’t work very well.

that is SO cool

I want one now. I think everyone would appreciate a pattern for that.

A simple alluminum grind plate:

I’d really like to get one o’ dem patterns…
i could see some awesome seat covers coming out of it… Like velvet…

an easy way to get the pattern for a seat cover is to take of your cover, rip the seams, trace onto some other fabric, cut and sew.

A simple modification is to replace the nuts on the KH and like seats with the nuts that have the nylon locking insert. This way they never loosen.

also works for the bearing holder bolts, they will bend slightly, never too much to render unusable, but they will never snap like the ones that come on them.

down side is you need two wrenches to tighten or loosen
up side is that every single time you tighten or loosen them, you will be in the comfort of your own house :slight_smile:

how long did that seat cover last?

I tried it, and it was really hard to do, since the fabric has stretched quite a bit! In all sorts of directions.