Post your freestyle/hockey unicycles

Please can you post your freestyle/hockey unicycles?
I’m looking for some inspiration :thinking:

This is my Freestyle uni (and a few others, trying to look cool in an ordinary bike rack). Wyganowski frame, based on a very strong fork crown used on tandems. 48 spokes, tall frame. Japanese indoor-riding Freestyle pedals with soft, rubberized ends. All it needed then was a non-handle on the front of the seat (and maybe a more comfortable seat). This unicycle is intended for professional use, where strength is a higher priority than weight. The only thing I would have changed on it was to have chrome instead of paint, but that wasn’t available at the time.

The picture is from NAUCC 2003 in Minnesota.

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nice trick, took me a while to see what you did there.

Freestyle/Hockey uni

Howdy ya’ll.

I have recently started playing more hockey and riding freestyle with a club indoors once a week. Thought it was about time I made my KH20 flat more inside friendly. Now sporting a KHE bikes MAC 1.5 lightweight freestyle tyre, Foss 20" tube, white plastic nimbus platform pedals, and white front and rear bumpers. It’s a sweet ride!




very cool! how is the light wheel treating you?

From October. I now have a blue KH Freeride saddle, blue Primo The Wall tire, and Chameleon pink Odyssey twisted PC pedals on this Nimbus X.

New uni for hockey

So it’s not my birthday, but I feel like buying a new uni

Currently I’m using a trial unicycle for hockey. Its nice and manoverable, but fat tyre and 140 mm cranks and I’m getting killed for pace.

( I also not very good, and I’m hoping this is my equipments fault not mine)

I’ve tried 24" unis for hockey and find it a bit awkward
So probably looking at a 20

Was thinking of getting a new wheel set for my trials frame
Any suggestions on good
Rim and tyre

For hockey

Thanks all

Here’s what I use:

Standard Nimbus Eclipse frame with a black tyre instead of a white. The Nimbus ‘Flat’ saddle has now been replaced by a KH street because I’ve realised I like my saddles with a little extra padding. :smiley:

Thats sick!!

I’ve since swapped out the tyre but I really really love the paint job on the rim.


That’s pretty cool! Where did that paint job come from? (Never seen anything like that.)


Looks like some kind of tape or plastic strip? Pretty cool, I might do that to one of my wheels if I could find something neat.

Oh, yeah kind of like that duct tape with a pattern.

It’s a custom paint job. Primer, marker, layers of clear paint to seal it. Here’s another pic of the other part of the rim.

How well has it lasted?

Well I haven’t been riding this a whole lot and it is a freestyle uni so you rarely get knocks on the rim.

There are a few chips here and there from mostly storing the uni with other unis.